12/29/2013 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


Feature Presentation - It's the last Sunday of the month so we are proud to bring you the 2nd episode of the nationally syndicated series from the Little City In Space, presented by the Post-Void Radio Theater.

LCS hosts Peter, Stu & Jerry introduce The Bob 2000 Computer, regular features News from Nowhere, Sports, Joblines, The Paul Bunny Report, ads for Twin Planet Discount Lampshades and The Jolly Scream Primal Polka Center.

Find more at http://scorchedear.com/ and there are many files of older LCS shows available for free at www.archive.org.

Playlist Tracks: 
Post-Void Radio Theater - Little City in Space, Episode 2
Album: Little City in Space; Label: scorchedear.com
Air Date: 
December 29, 2013

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