12/28/2013 Rhythm and Grooves

Playlist Tracks: 
Illinois Jacquet - Frantic Fannie
Album: Illinois Jacquet; Label: Columbia
Larry YOung - Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise
Album: Unity; Label: Blue Note
Peter Kogan - Frenchy Dog
Album: Cornucopia; Label: Self-Released
Lulu's Playground - Late for a date
Album: Shadow Voices; Label: Self-Released
Jana Nyberg Group - Let It Snow
Album: Wnter Song; Label: Self-Released
Pippi Ardennia - My Favorite Things
Album: Love So Good 2; Label: Bela Muzika
Larry McDonough - My Favorite Things
Album: Angels, Kings, Favorite Things; Label: Self-Released
Dan Musselman - Winter Solstice
Album: Devotion; Label: Self-Released
Maud Hixson - The Spider & the Fly
Album: Don't Let A Good Thing Get Away; Label: Self-Released
Jack DeSalvo & Joel Shapira - Just Friends
Album: Inherence; Label: Unseenrain Records
Dorothy Doring & Phil Mattson - Everything But You
Album: Demo tape; Label: Demo tape
Illicit Sextet - La Corvina
Album: Chapter 11; Label: Self-Released
Nancy Harms - Midnight Sun
Album: Dreams in Apartments; Label: Gazelle Records
Foreign Motion - Flee
Album: In Flight; Label: Self-Released
Christine Rosholt - Isn't It A Lovely Day
Album: Lipstick: Live at th Dakota; Label: Self-Released
Air Date: 
December 28, 2013

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