1/9/2008 Echo Chamber


Another great mix of dubs, world music, roots reggae, and a bit o' jazz. Josh Roseman, Hotdrop, Baby Elephant, U-Niko, Chris Thompson, Busi Mhlongo, King Tubby, Dub Dragoon meets Steve Steppa, Bim Sherman, The Twinkle Brothers, Eating Betty, and many more...

Playlist Tracks: 
Josh Roseman - I Wanna Be With You
Album: New Constellations - Live in Vienna; Label: Accurate
*Dub Dragoon meets Steve Steppa - River Jordan Dub
Album: N/A; Label: N/A (download)
Dennis Blackbeard Bovell - Oohkno
Album: I Wah Dub; Label: EMI
Ticklah - Si Hecho Palante (feat. Mayra Vega)
Album: Ticklah vs. Axelrod; Label: Easy Star
The Dynamics - Rockit
Album: Version Excursions; Label: Groove Attack
Eating Betty - A Dub T'ing
Album: Reverbalism; Label: ACEtone
Eyesight Project - Imagination
Album: Eyesight Project; Label: Modus Vivendi
Chris Thompson - Bossa Bayati
Album: Red Morning Rise; Label: Groovetrumpet.com
Utterance - Flamenco Dub (Dub Milan Dub Mix)
Album: Dubnight compilation Vol. 1; Label: reggae-town.de / bigvibez.com
Bim Sherman - Missing You (Tim Simenon Mix)
Album: It Must Be A Dream; Label: On-U Sound/Mantra
Mexican Institute of Sound - Belludita
Album: Pinata; Label: Nacional Mnf Brasil
Busi Mhlongo - Yehlisan'umoya (Soul II Black Remix)
Album: Urbanzulu - The Remixes; Label: Melt
African Head Charge - Primal One Drop
Album: Great Vintage V.1; Label: On-U Sound
Hotdrop - Tell Me
Album: Ready; Label: Lafamille Music (Creative Commons)
*Govinda - There Was Evolution
Album: Sound Sutras; Label: Intentcity
The Orientalist - Zanazibar in Dub
Album: 1000 Sounds Lotus; Label: Jamendo.com (download)
King Tubby - Sky Ride
Album: Dubmaster (Roger Eagle tape); Label: not sure
Riddimperialism - We Want Freedom
Album: Before the Invasion; Label: Jamendo.com (download)
Professor Trance - Kozuma
Album: Shaman's Breath; Label: Island
Mad Professor Jah Shaka - Million Man Dub
Album: Ariwa Sounds Present; Label: Ariwa/RAS
King Tubby - Creation of Dub
Album: Dubmaster (Roger Eagle tape); Label: not sure
U-Niko - Inca Dub
Album: Dubs Friends; Label: self release?
Shukar Collective - Oh, Mother...
Album: Urban Gypsy; Label: Riverboat
Luciano w/ Dean Fraser Firehouse Crew - Legalize It
Album: Live in San Franciso; Label: 2B1
Bush / HRC / DJ Zdena - Ganja Rancher
Album: N/A; Label: N/A (exclusive download)
*Trevor The Technician McKenzie - Black Knight (Extended Dub)
Album: N/A; Label: N/A (exclusive EC download)
Black Ark Crew - High Dub (web edition)
Album: N/A; Label: download
Deadbeat - Loneliness Revelry
Album: Journeyman's Annual; Label: Scape
*Mutant Frogs - A 5th of Funn
Album: It's One Of Ours; Label: IMT-Skankworks
*Dymons - The Emerald Tablets
Album: Waveform Transmissions vol. 1 [various artists]; Label: Waveform
*Baby Elephant (Prince Paul, Bernie Worrell Newkirk) ft. Yellowman - Cool Runnins
Album: Turn My Teeth Up; Label: GFM
Universal Hall Pass - Cave Radio
Album: Subtle Things; Label: Sneaky
Sidestepper - Deja
Album: 3am (In Beats We Trust); Label: Palm Pictures
Dry and Heavy (ft. Likkle Mai) - Mr. Blueflame
Album: One Punch; Label: Beat
Dive Index - Screen to Screen
Album: Mid/Air; Label: Neutral Music
The Twinkle Brothers - Dread in the Ghetto
Album: Praise Jah; Label: Frontline/Virgin
Jamaica Super Dub - Dub Stew
Album: Jamaica Super Dub Session; Label: Wackies
Hal Blaine - Freaky (January)
Album: Psychedelic Percussion; Label: Harkit
Molar - Flicker
Album: The Time and Motion Studies; Label: False Walls
Phoenecia - Diganesa
Album: Brownout; Label: Schematic
*Mutant Frogs - The Sunken Portal
Album: It's One Of Ours; Label: IMT-Skankworks
Air Date: 
January 9, 2008