12/22/2013: Wassail: A Drink, A Toast, A Song, A Living Tradition


Wassail and wassailing are intimately associated with the winter holidays by many people, but how many REALLY know what they involve?  Karen Ellery presents the history as well as the modern relevance of this delightful tradition and how it combines music, drinking and raillery to bring warmth and light into the coldest, darkest time of the year.

Karen presents traditional as well as modern music, plus the musical group Bardz at Large (Graham and Becca Leathers) play live, in-studio.


Playlist Tracks: 
Cardiff Festival Choir - Gloucestershire Wassail (Wassail, wassail all over the town!)
Album: Vaughan Williams Christmas Carols; Label: Carlton Classics
Etchingham Steam Band - Adderbury Wassail Song
Album: Etchingham Steam Band; Label: Fledg'ling
Magpie - The Gower Wassail
Album: Last Month of the Year; Label: Sliced Bread
Watersons - Apple
Album: For Pence & Spicey Ale; Label: Shanachie Records
The Christmas Revels - Apple Tree Wassail
Album: The Christmas Revels: In Celebration of the Winter Solstice; Label: Artists Direct
Joglaresa - Lordings, Listen to Our Lay
Album: In Hoary Winter's Night ; Label: Joglaresa Live
Nowell Sing We Clear - Derwent Wassail
Album: Nowell, Nowell, Nowell; Label: Golden Hind Music
The Christmas Revels - The Kentucky Wassail Carol
Album: Wassail! Wassail! Early American Christmas Music; Label: Revels Records
The Christmas Revels - The Cornish Wassail
Album: Celtic Feast of Song; Label: Revels Records
Puzzlejug - Brockweir Wassail
Album: Let Us Be Merry; Label: CD Baby
Black Rat - Leicestershire Wassail
Album: Papillon Hall ; Label: April Wood Music