12/19/2013 Fresh Fruit



Join hosts Dixie Treichel & John Townsend on Fresh Fruit, Thursday, Dec. 19 at 7pm for an evening of crime, passion, poetry and censorship. Walt Whitman pictured.

Guests: Jenna Papke, Justin Kirkeberg, Patrick Scully


Jenna Papke, director

Orpheus Descending, written by Tennessee Williams, directed by Jenna Papke

Welcome to Clarksdale, Mississippi, 1957, where history is never forgotten, mistakes never forgiven, and strangers never accepted. Lady, trying to keep her store open while her reviled husband slowly dies upstairs, hires newcomer Valentine Xavier, who owns nothing but his guitar and is viewed with distrust and desire by everyone including Lady. Inevitably these two lost souls are pulled closer, but breaking the rules has consequences.

Orpheus Descending by Six Elements Theatre at Open Eye Figure Theatre, January 10-18, 2014


Justin Kirkeberg, director

NEVER THE SINNER, written by John Logan, directed by Justin Kirkeberg

"Never the Sinner" is the shocking true story of lovers and murderers Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb. Two well off young men in the heart of the roaring twenties, in an effort to commit the perfect crime, find themselves at the center of the crime of the century. Based on true events, we are introduced to some of the real life players in 1920's criminal justice, such as staunch anti capital punishment attorney Clarence Darrow and the Cook County State's attorney. We also get a peek inside the complicated relationship between Leopold and Loeb. While on the surface this is a compelling story of murder and justice, at its core it is a love story.

Never the Sinner by Candid Theater Company at The People's Center Theater, December 5-22, 2013


Patrick Scully, producer, creator, performance artist

“Leaves of Grass - Uncut” by Patrick Scully

“Leaves of Grass - Uncut” by Patrick Scully is a work in progress that will be a multi-disciplinary performance about poet Walt Whitman, presenting the complexity and courage of his art, spirituality and sexuality, his life and times. His work and life changed western culture, creating space for everyone, and especially queer people, to live their lives more freely, but his era forced him to write cryptically about his sexual attraction to other men. It’s time to bring Walt out of the closet, for everyone to know him uncensored, undoing decades of denial by mainstream US culture. 


Playlist Tracks: 
Judy Garland, B52s, Angela Motter, Tori Fixx, Josie Cotton, Ochi, David Bowie, Diana Ross, Scott Free, Gaye Adegbalola, Candye Kane, Lou Reed, DDC, Sandy Rapp, Romanovsky & Phillips, RuPaul - Fresh Fruit Third Thursday Theme Album
Album: collage by Dixie Treichel; Label: self release
Gaye Adegbalola - Queer Blues
Album: Gaye Without Shame; Label: Hot Toddy Music
Chris DeBlasio, composer; Michael Dash, lyrics - Walt Whitman in 1989
Album: Gay American Composers Volume 1; Label: CRI
Harpers Bizarre, performers; Elmer Bernstein, composer - I Love You Alice B. Toklas
Album: I Love You Alice B. Toklas Soundtrack; Label: Warner Brothers
The Vinyl Closet - When Santa Went to Soho
Album: When Santa Went to Soho; Label: Nabu Media
Jenna Papke - director, Artistic Director
Topics: “Orpheus Descending” by Tennessee Williams; Six Elements Theatre
Justin Kirkeberg - director
Topics: "Never the Sinner" by Logan; Candid Theater Company
Patrick Scully - creator, performance artist
Topics: “Leaves of Grass - Uncut”, a multi-disciplinary work in progress about poet Walt Whitman