11/29/2013 The Minnesota Sound

Playlist Tracks: 
Crankshaft - Prayin' For Snow
Album: Boogie Melt; Label: Slab Town
Crankshaft -
Album: Boogie Melt; Label: SlabTown
CartyYeah - Best Never Heard
Album: Best Never Heard; Label: s/r
Scott G. Hanson - Day
Album: s/t; Label: s/r
Caroline Smith - Buy Me Something
Album: Half About Being A Woman; Label: s/r
Sarah Johnson - Seth and Tyler Go Shopping Hand In Hand
Album: Sun Ray; Label: s/r
Alpha Consumer - KC Bound
Album: ; Label: s/r
Googley Guy - Let's Go Shopping
Album: It Not Nap TIme; Label: s/r
Greg Grease - BlackBoy
Album: A Tribute To The Lakes; Label: s/r
The Blackthorns - Dance Of The Paw
Album: The Blackthorns; Label: s/r
The Replacements - I Will Dare
Album: Let It Be; Label: Twin Tone
National Bird - FIxin' It
Album: National Bird ; Label: s/r
Dark Dark Dark - Last Time I Saw Joe
Album: Who Needs Who; Label: Supply and Demand
Koerner, Ray and Glover - Black Betty
Album: Lots More Blues Rags and Hollers; Label: Elektra
Koerner, Ray and Glover - Black Dog
Album: Lots More Blues Rags and Hollers; Label: Elektra
Crow - Thoughts
Album: Crow Music; Label: Amaret
Trip Shakespeare - Lake
Album: Are You Shakespearienced; Label: s/r
Crusader No Remorse - Unknown
Album: s/t; Label: SAC
Air Date: 
November 29, 2013

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