11/29/2013 Voice Cried Softly - Patti Controls

Playlist Tracks: 
Sonic's Rendezvous - City Slang
Album: City Slang; Label: Mack Aborns Rhythimic Arts
MC5 - Looking at You
Album: Power Trip; Label: Alive Records
Lithium Xmas - Jump into the Fire
Album: Love & Napalm Vol. 1; Label: Trance
Ball - When Is a Man a Man
Album: Bird; Label: Shimmy Disc
Can - Thief
Album: Delay; Label: Spoon
Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band - Light Reflected off the Oceands of the Moon
Album: 45; Label: Virgin
Eugene Chadbourne & The Sun City Girls - I'm Not You
Album: Country Music in the World of Islam; Label: Upestco
Exhaustion - No Place for a Holiday
Album: Future Eaters; Label: Aaright Records
feedtime - nice
Album: Today is Friday; Label: SS Records
Dead C - Scarey Nest
Album: Eusa Kills; Label: Badabing
Shit Fi - Night of 1,000 Eyes
Album: Rhondite; Label: Velcro Lounge
Bastards - Parade
Album: 45 Scumbait #2; Label: Treehouse
Drunks w/Guns - Drunks w/Guns
Album: 45 Scumbait #2; Label: Treehouse
Cows - No, I'm Not Coming Out
Album: Sorry In Pig Minor; Label: AmRep
Halo of Flies - Jagged Time Lapse
Album: 45 Mod Showdown; Label: AmRep
Wild Billie Childish - Baby What You Want Me To Do
Album: Laughing Gravy; Label: Empire International
Rolling Stones - 2,000 Light Years from Home
Album: At Their Satanic Majesty's Request ; Label: London
Simply Saucer - Illegal Bodies
Album: Cyborgs Revisited; Label: Mole
6 Organs of Admittance - Wawasa
Album: Ascent; Label: Drag City
fursaxa - tune noir
Album: fursaxa; Label: Ecstatic Peace
Dirty 3 - Rising Below
Album: Toward the Low Sun; Label: Self-Published
Mark Eitzel - On the Emblematic Use of Jewelry as a Metaphor for the Dissolution of Our Hopes and Dreams
Album: 45 Take Courage; Label: Matador
Sun City Girls - Ben's Radio
Album: Funeral Mariachi; Label: Abduction
Brute Heart - Side One, Cuts One and Two
Album: Brass Beads; Label: Self-Published
Air Date: 
November 29, 2013

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