11/25/2013 Health Notes

Kinshasha talked with Dr. Alicia Stanton Anti-Aging Expert Physician about her new book, Hormone Harmony.
Because of recent research and the controversy that surrounds the risks of hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women hormone imbalance has become a hot topic but few 
straightforward comprehensive guides have been written on the issue.
Hormone Harmony fills that gap with an in-depth look at how hormones are deeply connected to nutrition lifestyle and supplements. Most importantly it provides a road map for women 
and men seeking to create hormone balance providing a checklist of symptoms for identifying imbalances.
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Aretha Franklin - Natural Woman
Album: 30 Greatest Hits; Label: Atlantic
Dr. Alicia Stanton - Hormone Harmony
Topics: Learning to watch out for the toxins that imbalance our hormones
Air Date: 
November 25, 2013

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