11/24/2013 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


Feature Presentation - The Little City In Space was a mainstay of KFAI's schedule starting soon after the station did in 1978. It's one of those overnight shows where you never knew what might happen.  Unexpected music, news and all the doings on that floating platform of mobile homes. Sound Affects is proud to bring you all 13 episodes of their nationally syndicated series, produced in 1989.  We get to listen as their orbit carries them over us again on the last Sunday of each month for the next year.  Be sure to tune in.

The series is produced by the Post Void Radio Theater, made up of Stu Mathews, Peter Stenshoel and Jerry Modjeski.  You can find more about this show at Jerry Modjeski's website, scorchedear.com.  And there are plenty of other downloadable audio files from the series at archive.org.

Playlist Tracks: 
Post Void Radio Theater - Little City in Space, Ep. 1
Album: Little City In Space; Label: Post Void Radio Theater
Air Date: 
November 24, 2013

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