1/3/2008 The Dakota Dave Hull Show


*Hull, Dakota Dave* : New Shirt
*Harris, Mary* : Happy New Year Blues
*Landry, Art his Orchestra* : While the Years Go Drifting By
*Aleman, Oscar* : Beginning to See the Light
*Waller, Fats* : Your Time Is Now
*Famous Blue Jay Singers* : The Time Is Drawing Nigh
*Poole, Charlie and the North Carolina Ramblers* : Old and Only In the Way
*Light Crust Doughboys* : Won't You Wait Another Year
*Bowman Sisters* : Old Lonesome Blues
*Georgia Organ Grinders* : Four Thousand Years Ago
*Howlin' Wolf* : How Many More Years?
*Delmore Brothers* : The Trail of Time
*Borbee's Jass Orchestra* : It's a Long Long Time
*Davis, John; Jones, Bessie; Morrison, Henry; Rahmings, Nat; Ramsay, Albert; Young, Ed; Smith, Hobart* : Before This Time Another Year
*Flatt Scruggs* : The Old Home Town
*Jefferson, Blind Lemon* : Happy New Year Blues
*Holiday, Billie* : This Year's Kisses
*Nichols, Red's Five Pennies* : There'll Come a Time
*Blue Sky Boys* : There Was a Time
*Lewis, Ted his Band* : Heading for Better Times
*Hunter, Frank his Black Mountain Boys* : Long Time No See
*Homeland Harmony Quartet* : Oh My Lord, What a Time
*Chocolate Dandies* : Once Upon a Time
*Charlie Sou* : That Old Gang of Mine
*Macon, Uncle Dave* : Poor Old Dad
*Shelton Brothers* : Old Age Pension Blues
*Heywood, Eddie his Jazz Six* : Let's Start Over Again
*Cooper, Cathy* : Happy New Year Baby
*Karl the Country Dutchmen* : Minnesota Polka
*Golonka, Stas* : Chicago Is a Polka Town
*Karl the Country Dutchmen* : Karl's Bad Schottische
*Brian the Mississippi Valley Dutchmen* : Chicago Waltz
*Meisner, Steve Band* : Jump River Polka
*Reko, Al Tikkanen, Oren* : Nujalen Taiko Polka
*Goose Island Ramblers* : Swiss Yodel Waltz
*Van Ronk, Dave* : Teddy Bears' Picnic
*Hull, Dakota Dave* : Big Top Waltz

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Air Date: 
January 3, 2008

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