11/17/2013 Root Of All Evil


We sling some serious doom and gloom with Daddy Doombucks. Unexpectedly, Matt from Minneapolis drops in and gets a new name.

Playlist Tracks: 
Nightrage - Cloaked in Wolf Skin
Album: Insidious; Label: Lifeforce Records
In Flames - Moonshield
Album: Used & Abused - In LIVE We Trust; Label: Nuclear Blast
Izegrim - Celebratory Gunfire
Album: Congress of the Insane; Label: Listenable Records
Korpiklaani - Tapporauta
Album: Korven Kuningas; Label: Nuclear Blast
Blackguard - Firefight
Album: Firefight; Label: Victory Records
Ensiferum - Treacherous Gods
Album: Ensiferum; Label: Spinefarm Records
Heidevolk - De Toekomst Lonkt
Album: Batavi; Label: Napalm Records
Moonsorrow - For Whom the Bell Tolls
Album: Tulimyrsky; Label: Spikefarm Records
Cruachan - Pagan Hate
Album: Blood on the Black Robe; Label: Candlelight Records
Týr - The Rage of the Skullgaffer
Album: Ragnarok; Label: Napalm Records
Týr - The Hunt
Album: Ragnarok; Label: Napalm Records
Onslaught - Fuel for My Fire
Album: VI; Label: AFM Records
Blood Stain Child - Sirius VI
Album: εpsilon; Label: Pony Canyon Inc.
Bal-Sagoth - The Voyagers Beneath the Mare Imbrium
Album: The Power Cosmic; Label: Nuclear Blast
Satyricon - Voice of Shadows
Album: Satyricon; Label: Roadrunner Records
Satyricon - Nocturnal Flare
Album: Satyricon; Label: Roadrunner Records
Cannibal Corpse - Demented Aggression
Album: Torture; Label: Metal Blade Records
Acid Bath - Jezebel
Album: When the Kite String Pops; Label: Rotten Records
Hollow Leg - The Dog
Album: Abysmal; Label: Last Anthem Records
Old Man Gloom - Regain / Rejoin
Album: No; Label: Hydra Head Records
Testament - Practice What You Preach
Album: Practice What You Preach; Label: Atlantic Records
Black Shape of Nexus - 400H
Album: Negative Black; Label: Exile on Mainstream Records
YOB - Ether
Album: Catharsis; Label: Abstractsounds
Sardonis - Warmonger
Album: II; Label: Hammerheart Records
Bongripper - Satan
Album: Satan Worshipping Doom; Label: independent
Hate - Invisible Man
Album: Bongripper // Hate; Label: Great Barrier Records
Cough - 288 Years of Sin
Album: Sigillum Luciferi; Label: Forcefield Records
Electric Wizards - Mind Transferral
Album: Dopethrone (Vinyl); Label: Rise Above Records
Thunderbolt - Firestorm
Album: Inhuman Ritual Massmurder; Label: Agonia Records
Thunderbolt - Diabolic Revelation
Album: Inhuman Ritual Massmurder; Label: Agonia Records
Thy Antichrist - Destruction Times (live)
Album: Wicked Testamonials; Label: Tribulacion Productions
Empty - Son of the Rain (My Divine Rain)
Album: A Source of Hollow Essence; Label: Blackened Moon
Order of the Ebon Hand - To Alloces
Album: XV: The Devil; Label: Season of Mist
Urgehal - The Necessity of Total Genocide
Album: Ikonoklast; Label: Season of Mist
Obtained Enslavement - Ride the Whore
Album: The Shepherd and the Hounds of Hell; Label: Napalm Records
Myrkskog - Over the Gore
Album: Superior Massacre; Label: Candlelight Records
Gwar - Slaughterama
Album: Scumdogs of the Universe; Label: Master
Penumbra - The Prophetess
Album: Seclusion; Label: Season of Mist
Apocalyptica - Betrayal / Forgiveness
Album: Apocalyptica; Label: Universal Music Group
Benedictum - The Mob Rules
Album: Uncreation; Label: Locomotive Records
The Iron Maidens - Phantom Of the Opera
Album: World's Only Female Tribute To Iron Maiden; Label: DRZ Records
Brutus' Daughter - Born a Girl
Album: When The Pubs Are Dying...; Label: independent
Amberian Dawn - Incubus
Album: Re-Evolution; Label: KHY Suomen Musiikki Oy
Xandria - The Nomad's Crown
Album: Neverworld's End; Label: Napalm Records
Therion - Adulruna Rediviva
Album: Gothic Kabbalah; Label: Napalm Records
Joe Satriani - Unstoppable Momentum (excerpt)
Album: Unstoppable Momentum; Label: Epic Records
Air Date: 
November 17, 2013

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