11/15/2013 The Minnesota Sound

Playlist Tracks: 
Burnet 207 - untitled 10
Album: 1; Label: s/r
Burnet 207 - untitled 11
Album: 1; Label: s/r
Cyrus Pireh and Honduras - concordia
Album: s/t; Label: shinkoyo
Dial Up - Flesh it out
Album: Cold Rinse; Label: s/r
Claps - Lies
Album: Lies/White Lies; Label: Forward!
Carty Yeah - untitled
Album: Best Never Heard; Label: s/r
Brain Tumors - Scaphie
Album: s/t; Label: Dead Beat
BNLX - opposites attract
Album: product collect; Label:
Scaphe - Zamboni Driver
Album: 7"; Label: insides
L'Assassins - Go!
Album: 7"; Label: Big Action
Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank - Timberwolf
Album: Number One Contender; Label: s/r
Jackie Becky, Rachel Blomgren, Crystal Brinkman, Isa Gagarin, Jonathan Kaiser, Crystal Myslajek - untitled
Album: '''; Label: soap factory/jerome foundation
Dream Weapon - Living in Hell on Earth
Album: ; Label:
Food Pyramid - Kollider
Album: Deep Earth Split 7"; Label: Moon Glyph
Tender Meat - Peecy Bob
Album: Tender Travels; Label: s/r
Gestures - When Does Linda Cry?
Album: s/t; Label: Sundazed
Gestures - Savage World(instrumental)
Album: s/t; Label: Sundazed
The Valdons - Love Me, Leave Me
Album: Tein Cities Funk and Soul Comp.; Label: Secret Stash
Burnet 207 - untitled
Album: 2; Label: s/r
Tangaku - untitled
Album: Leo; Label: s/r
Michael Yonkers and Blind Shake - Whatcha Gonna
Album: Period; Label: s-records
Air Date: 
November 15, 2013

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