1/1/2008 Dig Up The Roots


This show theme began as a joke and has proved to be more popular than I would have thought. These are all thrift store church sale records, except for Wall Of Voodoo's classic 'Tomorrow', which we started the show with.

Motivational speakers, life style guiders, exercisers and behavioral sliders all had a place here. We actually heard some good advice here, a few choice pieces of music thrown in and the new year already looks brighter. The show ends with the most frightening exercise leader ever: Bonnie Pruden. Don't EVEN think of slowing down.

Playlist Tracks: 
Wall Of Voodoo - Tomorrow
Album: Call Of The West; Label: IRS
Bob Conklin (Nationally recognized sales executive) - Opening Track
Album: The Key To Motivation; Label: Midwest Audio Video Company
Jack Woldridge - How To Say A Few Words
Album: How To Communicate Your Ideas; Label: Nation's Buisness Execudisc
Bob Conklin (Nationally recognized sales executive) - Second side, second track
Album: The Key To Motivation; Label: Midwest Audio Video Company
Millard Bennett - The 30-10 Power Formula / Good Health Aids Power-Packed Living
Album: The Power Of Inspired Salesmanship; Label: Success Motivation Institute, Inc
Unknown - Facts Expectant Parents Should Know
Album: Your Baby And You: The Baby Record; Label: XTV
Cliff W. Krueger - The Art Of Negotiation Part 3: How to avoid direct questions until you're ready to answer
Album: Successful Real Estate Selling; Label: Success Motivation Institute, Inc
Monsieur Marcel Bolomet Mr Jack Wagner - General Conversation
Album: A Traveler's Guide To Instant French; Label: TOPS
Mr William Whitby Mr Jack Wagner - Shopping Around
Album: A Traveler's Guide To Instant Spanish; Label: TOPS
Guido Vittori (official translator for Alitalia Airlines - Shopping
Album: Hear How To Converse In Italian; Label: Carlton
Bill Harrison Charles White - Anvil Shoot
Album: The Mid-Tennessee Championship Old-Time Fiddlers' Convention; Label: Tennessee Folk Arts
Milton Feher - Walking Without Effort
Album: The Relaxiation Record; Label: Folkways
The Bob Prince Quartet w/ Julie Conway - Exercice 12 13
Album: Good Housekeeping's Plan For REDUCING OFF-THE-RECORD; Label: Harmony
Mildred Bailey - Arthur Murry Taught Me Dancing In A Hurry
Album: Mrs Swing: Mildred Baily; Label: Proper
Jack LaLanne Dave Bacal - Hips
Album: Glamour Stretcher Time; Label: LaLanne Inc
Egidia Bonessi Fritz Shetsler - Second Third Exercise
Album: You Can Learn To Sing For Recreation, Popularity and a Career; Label: Knight Educational Recordings
Dick Weissman Dan Fox - The Blues - Boogie Woogie Style / Special Effects
Album: How To Play The Blues; Label: Music Minus One
Bonnie Prudden - Exercise 3: Fiddle Faddle
Album: Keep Fit Be Happy; Label: Warner Bros
Air Date: 
January 1, 2008

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