11/9/2013 Strictly Butter

Playlist Tracks: 
Mumdance & Logos - Wut It Do
Album: Genesis EP; Label: Keysound Recordings
Tessela - Hackney Parrot (Special Request VIP)
Album: Soul Music; Label: Houndstooth
Mumdance & Logos - In Reverse PIV
Album: Genesis EP; Label: Keysound Recordings
Sei A - Menchy
Album: Zero Point One EP; Label: Convex Industries
Joe - Slope
Album: Slope EP; Label: Hessle Audio
Midland - Checkbob
Album: Autonomous Africa 2 EP; Label: Autonomous Africa
Randomer - Bring
Album: Bring/Curtains EP; Label: Hemlock Recordings
Kry Wolf - Nightmode (Pedestrian Remix)
Album: Nightmode EP; Label: Food Music
New York Transit Authority - 95
Album: Swarm EP; Label: Lobster Boy
Dark Sky, Breach - The Click
Album: The Click/Fallout EP; Label: Naked Naked
Paleman - Etch
Album: Half Out EP; Label: School Records
Mak, Pasteman - Brown Bread
Album: Brown Bread EP; Label: Naked Naked
John Tejada, Justin Maxwell - Razzle
Album: Razzle Dazzle EP; Label: Detone
Dj Ghe - Ahoi (Cab Drivers Remix Express)
Album: DJ Ghe 'Ahoi (Cab Drivers Remix Express & Nadan EP; Label: Cabinet Records
Chazzy Chaz - Turbulence
Album: Turbulence EP; Label: Moral Fiber
Zefzeed - Stridenturi
Album: Moral Fiber Compilation; Label: Moral Fiber
Maxim Sunbeat, Helen Mills - Miles Of Me
Album: Miles Of Me EP; Label: Wavetech Music
Vester Koza - The Pagan Groove Of San Francisco
Album: Vester Koza EP; Label: Maslo Recordings
Monkey Coops - Guns Groove
Album: Put 'Em In Jail EP; Label: Citrica Records
Baraso - Circens
Album: Circens EP; Label: Tzinah Records
A Made Up Sound - What Preset
Album: After Hours/What Preset EP; Label: A Made Up Sound
Reza - Rain Giver
Album: Rain Giver EP; Label: ThirtyOne Recordings
Air Date: 
November 9, 2013

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