11/5/2013 Spin with Cyn

Playlist Tracks: 
Suicide Commandos - Complicated Fun
Album: Suicide Commandos Commit Suicide Dance Concert; Label: Twin Tone
The Suburbs - Born Under a Good Sign
Album: Si Sauvage; Label: s.r.
The Replacements - Don't Ask Why
Album: Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash; Label: Ryko/Rhino
Lou Reed - Satellite of Love
Album: Transformer; Label: RCA/BMG Heritage
Dear Data - Rocket Ship
Album: Wait Until You See; Label: s.r.
Album: BBGun; Label: s.r.
Three Orange Kisses - Autumn in My Mind
Album: Ascending: Melodies & Noise; Label: Mpls. Ltd.
Flavor Crystals - Poblano
Album: On Plastic; Label: Mpls Ltd.
Joy Division - Transmission
Album: The Best Of; Label: Rhino
Bauhaus - Bela Legosi's Dead
Album: At the Controls; Label: PMI Dance
Mrs. Glass - Boom
Album: Mrs. Glass; Label: s.r.
Mike Gunther - Have Mercy
Album: Every Dream That's Dropped and Died; Label: Heart of a Champion
Flavor Crystals - Broadcaster
Album: III; Label: Mpls. Ltd.
Mrs. Glass - Scarlet Eyes
Album: Mrs. Glass; Label: s.r.
The Replacements - Busted Up
Album: Songs for Slim; Label: NewWest Records
Poverty Hash - Love Don't Love Me
Album: Ma Hall's Toot n Come Inn; Label: Half Door Records
Dead Pigeons - Cold Ground
Album: n/a; Label: s.r.
Mrs. Glass - Bye, Bye Baby
Album: Live at ; Label:
The Sex Rays - Ain't that Lovin' You Baby
Album: The Sex Rays; Label: Bare Ass Records
Grant Hart - It Isn't Love
Album: The Argument; Label: Domino Records
Porch Nights - Promised Land
Album: ; Label: s.r.
Babes in Toyland - Sweet 69
Album: Nemesisters; Label: Warner Bros/Rhino
R. L. Burnside - Walkin' Blues
Album: Rollin' and Tumblin'; Label: Fat Possum
Danger Ron and the Spins - n/a
Album: ; Label:
Mrs. Glass - Old Black Maddie
Album: ; Label: s.r.
Air Date: 
November 5, 2013

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