11/3/2013: Synthwaves: A New Journey


With Noah Kaufmann.

Synthwaves: A New Journey is a follow up to the December 2012 Wave Project Synthwaves a New Dimension of Sound.  Noah Kaufmann Host of KFAI's own Web Exclusive programming SynthWaves (www.kfai.org/synthwaves) as well as guest DJ on KFAI's Across The Board and Modern Kicks, takes you on a new journey into the New 80s synth scene.  Legendary New 80s Synth producer Palm Highway Chase (http://palmhighwaychase.bandcamp.com/) is a special guest on the show and talks about the origination of the scene, what he's currently working on as well drops 2 never heard before tracks. In addition the episode features music from FM Attack, SelloRekT/LA Dreams and more.  Follow me on twitter @BenniMushu and check out the facebook page for Synthwaves www.facebook.com/synth.waves to stay up to date beyond this Awesome Wave Project episode.  

Playlist Tracks: 
Mitch Murder - Mr T Fashion Show
Album: self release; Label:
SelloRekT LA Dreams - Am I Dreaming
Album: self release; Label:
Cougar Synth - Visions
Album: ; Label:
Palm Highway Chase - Arena
Album: Arpnet; Label:
Palm Highway Chase - Homerun
Album: Songs for Rocky; Label:
Palm Highway Chase - Arpnet
Album: Arpnet; Label:
FM Attack ft Kristine - Magic
Album: Deja Vu; Label:
Clinton Affair - Breathe
Album: Self release; Label:
Photosynthesi - Everything and Everywhere
Album: self release; Label: