11/1/2013 Across The Board

Playlist Tracks: 
Absolute Valentine - Sweet Sweet Death
Album: American Nightmares; Label:
Clinton Affair - Ruby Necklace
Album: Self Release; Label:
Absolute Valentine - American Nightmares
Album: American Nightmares; Label:
PowerGlove - Hunters (FC3 Version)
Album: Far Cry 3 soundtrack; Label:
Nightcrawler - Necro City
Album: New Retro Wave: Crypt EP; Label:
Lazerhawk - The Looks That Kill
Album: Skull and Shark; Label:
Collins - The Sacred
Album: Animal Magnetism/Synthetix.FM Rhythm Vivisection Mix Tape; Label:
Absolute Valentine - Chainsaw revenge
Album: American Nightmares; Label:
Carpenter Brut - Obituary
Album: EP II; Label:
Vercetti Technicolor - Jungle Witch Hunt
Album: Bay of Blood; Label:
Dance with the Dead - The Deep
Album: Out of Body; Label:
Vincenzo Salvia - Zombie Workout
Album: Synthetix.FM Rhythm Vivisection Mix Tape; Label:
PowerGlove - Motorcycle Cop
Album: Miami Cannibal Massacre; Label:
SelloRekT/LA Dreams - There's Something Here
Album: Scan Lines; Label:
Bobby Brown - On Our Own (Extended version)
Album: Ghostbusters 2 soundtrack; Label:
Cougar Synth - Visions
Album: Exclusive Track for Synthwaves; Label:
Dance With the Dead - One Way Love (Cover of Original Elizabeth Daily song))
Album: Self Release; Label:
Lenno - Rebirth
Album: Never Stop EP; Label:
RF Extreme - Lighter Than Air
Album: Self Release; Label:
Starforce - Oblivion
Album: Miami Cannibal Massacre; Label:
Camille R - Creeper
Album: Miami Cannibal Massacre; Label:
Stallone Jones, Kid Indiglo, 80s Neon Dream - Wolf at my Door
Album: ; Label:
Palm Highway Chase - Song for Rocky Theme
Album: Songs for Rocky; Label:
FM Attack ft Kristine - Magic
Album: DeJa Vu; Label:
Photosynthesi - Always and Everywhere
Album: Self Release; Label:
Rain Sword ft Robbie Riddick - Let Me Believe
Album: Rain Sword; Label:
Mitch Murder - Frame of Mind
Album: Another Place EP; Label:
Ghost House - Come Around
Album: ; Label:
Patrick Baker - Get 2 Know You
Album: Get 2 Know You (Single); Label:
Robots With Rayguns - Say Anything
Album: RWR Collection; Label:
FM Attack ft Kristine - Runaway
Album: Deja Vu; Label:
Paradizzle - Out Run
Album: ; Label:
Kris Menace ft Emil - Walkin on the Moon
Album: Idiosyncrasies (special Edition); Label:
SelloRekT/LA Dreams - Battle Graffiti Kids
Album: Scan Lines; Label:
Photosynthesi - Nice to Meet You
Album: Self Release; Label:
Cobra Copter - 86 Affair
Album: Self Release; Label: