10/23/2013 The Morning Blend


Music Host: David Cummings

News Host: Becky Warren

Producer:  Michael Fischbein

Engineer:  Mike Stapp 

Playlist Tracks: 
Deltones - Early Morning Rock
Album: 45 RPM; Label: Roulette
Ly-Dells - Book of Songs
Album: 45 RPM; Label: Roulette
Ames Brothers - Destination Moon
Album: 45 RPM; Label: Capitol
Jack Eubanks - Searchin
Album: 45 RPM ; Label: Josie
Ike Carpenter - Take the A Train
Album: Let's Jump; Label: Ace
Majorettes - Dance with Me
Album: 45 RPM; Label: Troy
Rochelle & the Candles - Squat with Me Baby
Album: Swingin' Records; Label: Relic
Gregory Dee & the Avantis - Slide
Album: 45 RPM ; Label: Bangar
Johnny Otis - Ring-a-Ling
Album: Greatest Show ; Label: Ace
Joan Morris/Wm. Balcom - Humphrey Bogart
Album: Other Songs by Leiber & Stoller; Label: Nonesuch
Wild Bill Davis Trio - Bring the Money In
Album: Okeh R&B Story; Label: Sony
King Nawahi - Singing in the Bathtub
Album: 78 RPM; Label: QRS
Ly-Dells - Three Little Monkees
Album: 45 RPM; Label: Southbound
Mary Turck - Twin Cities Daily Planet
Topics: Community
Earl Bakken - Bakken Museum
Topics: Culture
Natalie Warren - Paddle Forward
Topics: Environment
Joshua Rea - Minneapolis Mayoral Candidates
Topics: Politics