10/20/2013 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


Three stories from the War of the Worlds 75th Anniversary audio contest, sponsored by Convergence, a science fiction convention in the Twin Cities.  We're playing all ten entries to the contest on Sound Affects this month.  And we're asking for your support by going to www.kfai.org and making a pledge to the show and the station, to keep us going.  Let us know that you like what we're bringing you on the show.  Please.  Find out more about the contest at www.waroftheworlds75.com.

1. Lone Star - The Rhizo War.  A mysterious beast that invades worlds can only be destroyed by Nuclear bombs.  Two agenst are sent to evacuate a planet before they send it into Nuclear winter. From Phantomgeist Projects. Written and directed by J. M. Geist.

2. Neverwhen: The Adventures of Indigo Harkway - Fourth Planet. - Indigo Harkway, inquiry agent, is sent to Grovers Corners, NJ to investigate a meteor strike.  Indigo, his booking agent, and an outlaw scientist plan a counterattack to save the Earth.  Written and directed by Bret Jones, of Stagestruck Audio Theatre in Kansas.

3. Herbert West versus the Martians - In a post-apcalyptic future a tripod from another world crashes on the icy wasteland that is New England.  There to meet it is Herbert West, the reanimator (Marvel comics).  Written by Jim McDoniel, directed by Jeffrey Gardner.  It takes place in the Our Fair City universe.  This story is the winner of the second place award in the audio contest.

Look for more about the contest at www.waroftheworlds75.com

Playlist Tracks: 
J. M. Geist - Lone Star - The Rhizo War
Album: Lone Star - The Rhizo War; Label: Phantomgeist Productions
Bret Jones - Fourth Planet
Album: Neverwhen: Adventures of Indigo Harkway; Label: Stagestruck Audio Theatre
Jim McDoniel - Herbert West vs. the Martians
Album: Our Fair City; Label: ourfaircity.com
Air Date: 
October 20, 2013

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