10/18/2013 Voice Cried Softly

Playlist Tracks: 
BELLE AND SEBASTIAN - Sleep the Clock Around
Album: (The Boy with the Arab Strap); Label: Matador 1998
FLIPPER - Earthworm
Album: (Sex Bomb Baby); Label: Subterranean 1979
VOCOKESH - [track 1]
Album: (Still Standing in the Same Garden); Label: Uddersounds 1991
LONG FIN KILLIE - The Lamberton Lamplighter
Album: (Houdini); Label: Too Pure 1994
GRICKLE-GRASS - Pretty Mary Sunshine
Album: [split w/Choplogic]; Label: self 1999
MECCA NORMAL - He Didn't Say
Album: (Cardboard Box House of Love [single]); Label: K 1990
Album: (I'll Call You Sometime); Label: Akashic 1987
MODEST MOUSE - Breakthrough
Album: (This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About); Label: Up 1996
TUXEDOMOON - Reeding, Righting, Rhythmatic
Album: (Ship of Fools); Label: Restless 1986
DOGBOWL - Toilet
Album: (Cyclops Nuclear Submarine Captain); Label: Shimmy Disc 1991
SONIC YOUTH - Brother James
Album: (Kill Yr. Idols); Label: Zensor 1983
RUINS - Cathechism
Album: (Stonehenge); Label: Shimmy Disc 1990
DONOVAN - Epistle to Dippy
Album: [single]; Label: Epic 1967
JUNGLE NAUSEA - Alternative
Album: (self EP); Label: Inner Mystique 1982
QUICKSPACE - Exemplary Swishy
Album: (self); Label: Kitty Kitty 1997
THE CHILLS - Hidden Bay
Album: (Kaleidoscope World); Label: Flying Nun c1984
Album: (Regressive Music for Mind and Body); Label: Nart 1989
SLINT - Breadcrumb Trail
Album: (Spiderland); Label: Touch and Go 1991
CARCASS - Tools of the Trade
Album: (Tools of the Trade); Label: Earache 1992
DUSTDEVILS - The Revenge of Cruiser Gurner
Album: (Struggling Electric and Chemical); Label: Matador 1990
18TH DYE - No Time/11 (Spectators)
Album: (Tribute to a Bus); Label: Matador 1995
Air Date: 
October 18, 2013

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