10/16/2013 The Morning Blend


Music Host: David Cummings

News Host: Robert Easley

Producer:  Mike Fischbein

Engineer:  Mike Stapp 

Playlist Tracks: 
Videos - Trickle Trickle
Album: Doo Wop Box 1; Label: Rhino
Edith Mackey - Rainy Morning Blues
Album: R 'n R Mamas; Label: Charly
Globetrotters - Rainy Day Bells
Album: Rainy Day Doo Wops; Label: RDD101
Addrisi Brothers - Back to the Old Salt Mine
Album: Donna del-Fi Records; Label: Del - Fi
Bette Midler - D You Wanna Dance
Album: Divine Miss M; Label: Atlantic
Mindy Carson - The Fish
Album: 45 RPM; Label: RCA
Roy Orbison - Working for the Man
Album: Essential Roy Orbison; Label: Monument
Christine Kitrell - Mr. Big Wheel
Album: R 'n R Mamas; Label: Charly
Harold Burrage - You Eat too Much
Album: Messed Up!; Label: West Side
Mary Turck - Twin Cities Daily Planet
Topics: Community
Katey DeCelle - Salt Cave
Topics: Environment
Natalie Warren - Paddle Forward
Topics: Environment
James Goodale - The annual Otto Silha Lecture
Topics: Community
Gary Briggle - Baby case
Topics: Entertainment