12/27/2007 The Dakota Dave Hull Show


*Hull, Dakota Dave* : New Shirt
*Holiday, Billie* : Stormy Blues
*Van Ronk, Dave* : Would You Like to Swing on a Star?
*Young, Lonnie, Ed Lonnie Jr.* : Sittin' on Top of the World
*McKinney's Cotton Pickers* : Beedle-Um-Bum
*Freeny's Dance Band* : Croquet Habits
*King Oliver* : Frankie and Johnny
*Monarch Jazz Quartet* : I Ain't Got Nobody
*Armstrong, Louis* : I Ain't Got Nobody
*Holiday, Billie* : Let's Do It
*Cats the Fiddle* : I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water
*Monroe Brothers* : Do You Call That Religion
*Roswell Sacred Harp Quartette* : Weeping Mary
*Hurt, Adam* : Ducks on the Millpond
*Hurt, Adam* : Snowdrop
*Sons of the West* : Following You Around
*Travis, Merle* : When My Baby Double Talks to Me
*Brown, Milton his Musical Brownies* : Chinese Honeymoon
*Jackson, Wanda* : Fujiyama Mama
*Hopkins, Lightnin'* : Happy New Year
*Lion* : Love Thy Neighbor
*Hull, Dakota Dave* : Bigtop Waltz

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December 27, 2007

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