10/15/2013 Spin with Cyn

Playlist Tracks: 
Suicide Commandos - Complicated Fun
Album: Suicide Commandos Commit Suicide Dance Concert; Label: Twin Tone
The Sex Pistols - Who Killed Bambi
Album: The Great Rock and Roll Swindle; Label:
The Who - Heaven and Hell
Album: Live at Leeds; Label:
Bonearama - the Wizard
Album: Live from New York; Label:
Gene Vincent - Bop Street
Album: ; Label:
Hypstrz - Slow Death
Album: ; Label:
Suicide Commandos - Seven Deadly Finns
Album: Live at the Longhorn; Label:
Toots Maytal - Pressure Drop
Album: ; Label:
Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley's Dog
Album: ; Label:
Mighty Mofos - Astro Boy
Album: ; Label:
Husker Du - The Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill
Album: ; Label:
New Orleans Jazz Vipers - If You're a Viper
Album: ; Label:
Dr. Feelgood - Milk and Alcohol
Album: ; Label:
The Blind Shake - Calligraphy
Album: Key to a False Door; Label: Castle Face
OBN IIIs - So What if We Die
Album: OBN IIIs; Label:
Lee Ranaldo and the Dust - Ambulancer
Album: Last Night on Earth; Label: Matador
Grant Hart - Gold Chain
Album: The Argument; Label: Domino Records
Badfinger - Baby Blue
Album: ; Label:
BBGun - Heavy
Album: BBGun; Label: s.r.
Air Date: 
October 15, 2013

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