10/13/2013 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


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What's That Alien Doing In Your Shorts? - from Fearless Comedy Productions in Minneapolis.  Tim Wick writer and producer, asks the question "What if aliens landed in America and no one much cared?"

The Refertilization of the Weed Planet 313 - written and produced by Ron Jon Newton in Australia.  It concerns the Weed Planet 313's designation as the next planet to be infused with a massive dose of pods rich with organic compounds to begin the process of making the planet habitable.

Tonberry and Glass - It's the mysterious case of the Housing Insurance Claim.  Ben Warren sends us this entry from Cascade Studios in the UK.

Check out the War of the Worlds 75th Anniversary audio contest at waroftheworlds75.com.

Playlist Tracks: 
Tim Wick - What's That Alien Doing in Your Shorts?
Album: Big Fun Radio Funtime!; Label: fearlesscomedyproductions.com
Ron Jon Newton - The Refertilization of the Weed Planet 313
Album: The Refertilization of the Weed Planet 313; Label: Ron Jon Newton
Ben Warren - Tonberry and Glass
Album: Tonberry and Glass; Label: cascadestudios.co.uk
Air Date: 
October 13, 2013

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