10/9/2013 The Morning Blend



Hosts: David Cummings, Mike Fischbein, Robert Easley

Guests: Mary Turck, Natalie Warren, Alondra Cano, Louis King

Editors:  Alex Forbes

Reporters: Ben Lauer, Janis Lane-Ewart, Elliot Nathan

Playlist Tracks: 
Marvelettes - Please Mr. Postman
Album: Marvelettes The Singles; Label: Motown
Ravens - Write Me One Sweet Letter
Album: Birds of a Feather; Label: Proper
Box Tops - The Letter
Album: 45 RPM; Label: Columbia
Medallions - The Letter
Album: The Medallions; Label: Ace
Sonny Till & the Orioles - Some of this & Some of That
Album: Festival of Groups; Label: Sequel
Vocalaires - Dance Dance
Album: Herald Records; Label: Relic
Majorettes - Let's Do the Kangaroo
Album: 45 RPM ; Label: Troy
Beatles - I'm Happy Just to Dance with You
Album: Hard Day's Night; Label: Parlophone
Tina Allen - John, Paul, George & Ringo
Album: 45 RPM ; Label: RCA
Medallions - Rocket Ship
Album: The Medallions; Label: Ace
The Dovers - The Invation
Album: Festival of Groups; Label: Sequel
Elvis Presley - Return to Sender
Album: 45 RPM; Label: RCA
Marvelettes - Twisting Postman
Album: Marvelettes Singles; Label: Motown
Sean Lennon - L'Eclipse
Album: Friendly Fire; Label: Capitol
Mary Turck - Twin Cities Daily Planet
Topics: Education
Ken Roth - Human Rights Watch
Topics: Human Rights
Natalie Warren - Paddle Forward
Topics: Environment
Alondra Cano - Minneapolis 9th Ward Candidate
Topics: Politics
Louis King - Summit Academy OIC
Topics: Vikings Stadium, Employment