10/6/2013 Root Of All Evil


Vulgaari shreds our studio! Also, technical difficulties.

Playlist Tracks: 
Demons & Wizards - The Gunslinger
Album: Touched by the Crimson King; Label: Steamhammer
Gamma Ray - Heavy Metal Universe
Album: Power Plant; Label: Noise Records
Testament - So Many Lies
Album: The Ritual; Label: Atlantic Records
Sabaton - Ghost Division
Album: The Art of War; Label: Black Lodge Records
Ayreon - Day Sixteen: Loser
Album: The Human Equation; Label: InsideOut Music
Mekong Delta - Nightmare Patrol
Album: Mekong Delta; Label: Aaarrg Records
The Black Dahlia Murder - Thy Horror Cosmic
Album: Unhallowed; Label: Metal Blade Records
Celtic Frost - Into the Crypts of Rays
Album: Morbid Tales; Label: Noise Records
Abigor - Scars in the Landscape of God
Album: Nachthymnen (From the Twilight Kingdom); Label: Napalm Records
Carcass - Captive Bolt Pistol
Album: Surgical Steel; Label: Nuclear Blast
Fintroll - Midvinterdraken
Album: Blodsvept; Label: Century Media Records
Amorphis - The Orphan
Album: Elegy; Label: Relapse Records
My Dying Bride - The Forever People
Album: As the Flower Withers; Label: Peaceville Records
Dead Horse - The Lark Nest
Album: Peaceful Death and Pretty Flowers; Label: Big Chief
Mercyful Fate - Black Masses
Album: The Beginning; Label: Roadrunner Records
Endstille - Ursprung
Album: Verführer; Label: Regain Records
Keep of Kalessin - Reclaim
Album: Reclaim; Label: FaceFront Records
Saint Vitus - I Bleed Black
Album: V; Label: Hellhound Records
Vulgaari - Live set in studio
Album: N/A; Label: N/A
Sigh - Dies Irae/The Master Malice
Album: Hangman's Hymn; Label: The End Records
Fight - Into the Pit
Album: War of Words; Label: Epic Sony
Sigh - Witching Hour
Album: A Tribute to Venom; Label: The End Records
Khonsu - The Host
Album: Anomalia; Label: Season of Mist
Angel Dust - Black Rain
Album: Bleed; Label: Century Media Records
Decrepit - Face Hate
Album: Acrimonium; Label: Dismal Records
Carmina - Evangelion
Album: Carmina; Label: self-released
Father Befouled - Sacreligeous Defilement (Of Deranged Salvation)
Album: Morbid Destitution of Covenant; Label: Relapse Records
Malignant Tumor - We Are the Metal
Album: In Full Swing; Label: Insane Society Records
Ungod - The Prowling Death
Album: Merciless Metal Onslaught; Label: Goat Kult Symphonies
Demolition Hammer - Power Struggle
Album: Time Bomb; Label: Century Media Records
Mork Gryning - Maelstrom Chaos
Album: Maelstrom Chaos; Label: No Fashion Records
Dismember - To End It All
Album: Dismember; Label: Regain Records
Murder Squad - Sent Home In a Box
Album: Unsane, Insane and Mentally Deranged; Label: Pavement Music
Neurosis - Aeon
Album: Through Silver in Blood; Label: Relapse Records
Diabolic - Possess The Strength
Album: Vengeance Ascending; Label: Olympic Recordings
Absu - Circles of the Oath
Album: Abzu; Label: Candlelight Records
Arch Enemy - We Will Rise
Album: Anthems of Rebellion; Label: Century Media Records
Christian Mistress - There Is Nowhere
Album: Posession; Label: Relapse Records
Trail Of Tears - Our Grave Philosophy
Album: Oscillation; Label: Massacre Records
Tristania - Himmelfall
Album: Darkest White; Label: Napalm Records
Tystnaden - War
Album: Anima; Label: Valery Records
Orphaned Land - The Simple Man
Album: All Is One; Label: Century Media
Stream of Passion - This Moment
Album: Darker Days; Label: Napalm Records
UnSun - Time
Album: Clinic for Dolls; Label: Mystic Production
Van Canto - Kings of Metal
Album: Hero; Label: GUN Records
The Donnas - Living After Midnight
Album: The Donnas Turn 21; Label: Lookout!
Aesma Daeva - Tisza's Child - The Sunken Cathedral Mix
Album: The Thalassa Mixes; Label: Pnevma Records
Air Date: 
October 6, 2013

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