10/4/2013 HmongFM

Playlist Tracks: 
Cody Lee - Nyob Zoo/Hello
Album: With You Here; Label: Figure Eight Loops Media
Yami Lee - Simple is Good
Album: Simple is Good; Label: Self
The Kong and Shu Project - Txhob Nrug
Album: Mus Dawb Mus Huv; Label: Evolution REcords
Elvis and the Creatives - MSG Miracles
Album: The Waterstreet Experiment; Label: Self
David Mura - Japanese American Artist
Topics: Don't Buy Miss Saigon Coalition, a group of Asian Americans and allies concerned about Asian American representation. The Ordway Theater's decision to bring back Miss Saigon for the 3rd time in the Twin Cities regardless of repeated protest.
Air Date: 
October 4, 2013