10/3/2013 Fresh Fruit

host: 1st Thursday host leigh combs engineer: Dixie Treichel 
Blake School student group The Justice League and their upcoming event Stand Up, Speak Out
Andrea Jenkins sharing her current travels, learning's & stories - Upcoming gigs 
Irene Greene with the www.LGBTTherapists.org and there upcoming 25 year celebration & performance night at Patrick's Cabaret
Scott of Quatrefoil Library www.qlibrary.org updates on their move, sale & Open House  
Playlist Tracks: 
Iz - somewhere over the rainbow, a wonderful world medley
Album: Facing Future; Label: RCA
Massive Attack - Hym of the Big Wheel
Album: Blue Lines; Label: BCB
Andrea jenkins - awesome, teacher, poet, performer, speaker, writer ..
Topics: travels - trans activism - upcoming gigs
JJ Kahle - teacher -coach - advisor
Topics: Blake school - Justice league
irene Greene - therapist - producer
Topics: LGBT Therapists Network 25 year celebration
Scott Breyfole - quatrefoil library, board president
Topics: their move, sale & upcoming open house for their new space