10/3/2013 Rocket Ship Ska Trip


10/3 in a nutshell…

A rather bizarre question… what if what we refer to as “3rd-wave” ska had accidentally been invented a full decade before the birth of 2Tone by a British prog/fusion horn band? The result might have sounded something like our opening number from way back in '69, Galliard’s “Pastorale”. Pay close attention to the rhythm guitar to hear what I mean! Sherwood’s Planet got off to a “Funn” start with m-flo/Nomiya Maki/Crazy Ken Band samba delight “Cosmic Night Run”. The Home Stretch had Swedish dance band Jontez saxophoning their way through an instrumental Lollipop, the 5@5:05 were all ska Beatles covers, including one by The Skeatles, and we had a double-shot of The Selecter, a newie and an oldie. Though String Theory already sounds like an old friend… we’ll still be grooving to that one when it reaches Bullet or Pressure’s current age. ‘Til then, tune in… and stay tuned!

Playlist Tracks: 
Tommy McCook w./ Baba Brooks Band - Rocket Ship (2:39)
Album: 45; Label: Treasure Isle
Galliard - Pastorale (2:19)
Album: Strange Pleasures; Label: Deram
Robert Marley - Judge Not (2:23)
Album: 45; Label: Beverley's
Johnny ("Dizzy") Moore - South China Sea (3:10)
Album: 45; Label: Top Deck
Hopeton Lewis - Sound and Pressure (3:03)
Album: 45; Label: K&K
Bob Andy - Life Could Be a Symphony (3:28)
Album: The Bob Andy Song Book; Label: Studio 1
The Hamboys - Harder on the Rock (3:05)
Album: 45; Label: Studio 1
Roland Alphonso - If I Were a Bell (2:29)
Album: v.a. History of Ska vol. 1; Label: Studio 1
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - 60Hz. Ska (2:43)
Album: "It's One Of Ours"; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Val Bennett - Jumping with Mr. Lee (4:36)
Album: 45; Label: Island
Ken Boothe - Give Me Back My Heart (2:37)
Album: Mr. Rock Steady; Label: Studio 1
Lord Inventor - Roseita
Album: 45; Label: Coxsone
Bobby Ellis & the Crystalites - Step Softly (3:38)
Album: v.a. Derrick Harriott & friends - Step Softly; Label: Trojan
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Vibe Steady (4:51)
Album: "It's One Of Ours"; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Clue J & the Blues Blasters - Marjie (3:10)
Album: 45; Label: Studio 1
The Specials - Hey Little Rich Girl (3:33)
Album: More Specials; Label: Chrysalis/2Tone
The Selecter - Street Feeling (3:15)
Album: Too Much Pressure; Label: Chrysalis/2Tone
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Interstellar Teakettle
Album: v.a. Echo Chamber - Around the World in Dub vol. 3 & 4; Label: Dan Dada
The Bodysnatchers - Too Experienced (2:32)
Album: 45; Label: Chrysalis/2Tone
Ernest Ranglin - You Won't See Me (4:16)
Album: a Mod a Mod; Label: K&K
The Skatalites - I Should Have Known Better (4:04)
Album: Foundation Ska; Label: Heartbeat/Studio 1
Colonel Elliott & the Lunatics - Cosmic Bust (2:49)
Album: Interstellar Reggae Drive; Label: Trojan
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Sherwood's Planet (3:01)
Album: Warts 'n' all; Label: Skankworks/IMT
m-flo - Cosmic Night Run (ft. Nomiya Maki & Crazy Ken Band) (5:4
Album: Astromantic; Label: Rhythm Zone
Kushti - Stromboli (6:27)
Album: Freestyle 12"; Label: Octopus
Teddy Charles - Princess Scheherazade (4:44)
Album: Russia Goes Jazz; Label: UA
Pete Rugolo - Fugue for Rhythm Section (4:10)
Album: Prcussion At Work; Label: Mercury/Wing
Steve Turre - Let It Go (7:58)
Album: s-t; Label: Verve
Senor Coconut y su Conjunto - The Robots (Cha-Cha-Cha) (5:07)
Album: El Baile Aleman; Label: Emperor Norton
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Jungles of the Galaxy (6:18)
Album: unrl.; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Tokyo Jihen - Tadanaranu Kankei (3:02)
Album: Shinya Waku; Label: Toshiba/EMI
Joey Lewis Orchestra - Madame Dracula (2:50)
Album: Jump with Joey; Label: RCA
All Star Orchestra - Sudah Kawain Ka Bulom
Album: Off Beat Cha Cha; Label: Columbia
Qaya - Ey Heyat sen ne Qeribesen (3:51)
Album: Ey Heyat sen ne Qeribesen; Label: Nurlu Sabah
Benny Carter - Urbanissimo (5:00)
Album: (Carter/Gillespie/Jones) Journey to Next; Label: Lightyear
Caravan Palace - Glory of Nelly (3:41)
Album: Panic; Label: Wagram
Johnny Pate - Constant Wind (4:25)
Album: Outrageous; Label: MGM
Raymond Scott - Temptation (2:25)
Album: Secret 7 - The Unexpected; Label: Top Rank/Basta
Johnny Kay's Aristocrats - Maid of the Mist (3:00)
Album: 45; Label: Argo
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Lymedison
Album: "It's One Of Ours"; Label: Skankworks/IMT
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - One for Freetime (3:08)
Album: Warts 'n' all; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Jontez - My Boy Lollipop (2:41)
Album: Jag Tror Pa Dej; Label: Winberg
The Dreamlets - Honey (2:33)
Album: EPs 1996-2001; Label:
The Beat - Ranking Full Stop (2:48)
Album: 45; Label: Chrysalis/2Tone
(Donatella) Rettore - Donatella (3:13)
Album: 45; Label: Ariston
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Juggling City (4:18)
Album: World Ska Symphony; Label: Avex
The Skeatles - Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (2:52)
Album: live @ Il Mondo del Silo; Label: YouTube upload
Ringo Ska - I'm Only Sleeping (2:49)
Album: Betolzkahitoparat; Label: Pork Pie
ARTS - Hello Goodbye (2:51)
Album: Skankin' Beatles (Blue); Label: Geneon
Skapontas - I Want to Hold Your Hand (3:52)
Album: One Shot Trip; Label: Victor
Easy Star All Stars - She's Leaving Home (3:07)
Album: Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band; Label: Easy Star
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Perception (3:09)
Album: unrl.; Label: Skankworks/IMT
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Agave Dub (4:32)
Album: "It's One Of Ours"; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Caro Emerald - Tangled Up (Lokee Remix) (3:26)
Album: cd single; Label: grand mono
The Selecter - Flatworld
Album: String Theory; Label: Vocaphone
The Selecter - Deep Water (4:09)
Album: Celebrate the Bullet; Label: Chrysalis
Jazz Jamaica All Stars - Dolphin Dance (8:44)
Album: Massive; Label: Dune
The Little Elephant - C-571 (6:07)
Album: second fruits; Label: RD
Air Date: 
October 3, 2013

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