10/2/2013 The Morning Blend



Music Host: David Cummings

News Host: Robert Easley

Producer:  Mike Fischbein

Engineer:  Mike Stapp 

Playlist Tracks: 
Jerry Lee Lewis - Don't Boogie Woogie
Album: 45 RPM; Label: Mercury
Jerry Lee Lewis - I Can Still Hear the Music from the Restroom
Album: 45 RPM; Label: Mercury
String-a-Longs - Wheels
Album: 45 RPM; Label: London
Litle Joe Cook - Peanuts
Album: The Thrillers Meet the Schoolboys; Label: Collectables
Johnny Mathis - What Will Mary Say
Album: Greatest Hits; Label: Columbia
Amanda Humphrey - Dagwood
Album: 45 RPM; Label: Norton
The Quails - The Cow
Album: Bill Robinson & the Quails; Label: Q&A
Mitchell Turock - Caribbean
Album: 45 RPM ; Label: RCA
Billy Grammer - Gotta Travel On
Album: 45 RPM ; Label: Monument
Jimmy Ricks & the Ravens - Deep River
Album: Festival of Groups; Label: Sequel
Hank Snow - Caribbean
Album: The Singing Ranger; Label: Bear Family
Mary Turck - The Daily Planet
Topics: Community
Natalie Warren - Paddle forward
Topics: Environment
Anissa Hollingshead - Minneapolis Election Judges
Topics: Politics
Andy Sturdevant - Alley Atlas
Topics: Art