9/29/2013 Strictly Butter

Playlist Tracks: 
Huerco S. - Monk's Mound
Album: Colonial Patterns; Label: Software
Matthias Springer - Analog Echo Machine
Album: Analog Echo Machine EP; Label: DimbiDeep Music
Jessica Diaz - Designio
Album: Moral Fiber Compilation #2; Label: Moral Fiber
Iuly.B - Phara
Album: Moonlight EP; Label: Moscow Records
Vid - Pitch01
Album: First Pack; Label: Far Far Away
Stathis Lazarides - Stepping Up 2- Vid
Album: Stepping Up EP; Label: Memoria
Egal 3 - Precizie
Album: Orchestral EP; Label: Kina Music
Anthony Colonardi - Isshhh
Album: Moral Fiber Compilation #2; Label: Moral Fiber
Bastian Lenhert - Traces Of Nuts
Album: Traces Of Nuts EP; Label: Deep Tech Records
Prudo, Nibiru - Time To Go Back (Audiofly Remix)
Album: Time To Go Back EP; Label: This And That
Chazzy Chaz - Turbulence
Album: Ertrinken Traum EP; Label: Moral Fiber
Maxim Sunbeat, Helen Mills - Miles Of Me
Album: Miles Of Me EP; Label: Wavetech
Egal 3 - Orchestral (Vid Reshape)
Album: Orchestral EP; Label: Kina Music
STL - Silent State
Album: Silent State EP; Label: Smallville
Alan Backdrop - Medel
Album: VR Plan EP; Label: Prologue
Untold - Targa
Album: Targa/Glare EP; Label: 50 Weapons
Cosmin TRG - New Structures For Loving (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
Album: New Structures For Loving Remix EP; Label: 50 Weapons
Urbano - Shape
Album: Aboveboard EP; Label: Ketra Records
Urbano - Tight
Album: 2XR909 EP; Label: Decoy Records
Marcel Dettmann - Ductil
Album: Dettmann II; Label: Ostgut Ton
Jorge Poul - Frontal
Album: Occipital Fragment EP; Label: Injected Poison Records
Air Date: 
September 29, 2013

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