9/22/2013 Songs Of Praise

Playlist Tracks: 
The Canton Spirituals - It's gonna rain
Album: It's gonna rain; Label: Blackberry
Rev James Cleveland - Can't nobody do me like Jesus
Album: Gospel Pioneers; Label: Malaco
Annie & the Caldwells - World on fire
Album: Answer me; Label: Ecko
Jacoby Kindred - God is calling you
Album: Children hold on; Label: Independent
Doug & Melvin - Cooling Waters
Album: Duet; Label: Blackberry
Thomas Bady - Fishers of men
Album: I thank God; Label: Independent
Denise LaSalle - Send me, I'll go
Album: God's got my back; Label: Angel in the Midst
The Sensational Nightingales - Hold on
Album: Songs to edify; Label: Malaco
Willie Banks & the Gospel Messengers - Prayer will fix it for you
Album: The Legend lives on..; Label: Malaco
The Sensational Nightingales - How to be born again
Album: Jesus is coming; Label: Peacock
Leomia Boyd - Four days late
Album: On time; Label: Low rush
Sammy Mayfield - The Happy birthday song
Album: Blues by the buschel ; Label: OPM
Gerald Harris - God is all I'll ever need
Album: latter rain; Label: TMG
Inez Andrews - Lord, don't move that mountain
Album: Ultimate Gospel; Label: Time Life
Barnes Family - Roughside of the Mountain
Album: A Family reunion; Label: AIR
Ms JLee - Your Jawbone
Album: Your Jawbone; Label: leemusic
Eternal Light Singers - Storm after Storm
Album: Bringing it home; Label: Ecko
DK Dyson - When I've done my best
Album: Love, Peace, Soul; Label: Street Promenade
The five Blind Boys of Mississippi - I believe he died for me
Album: The greatest Gospel Album; Label: Fuel
Air Date: 
September 22, 2013

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