9/22/2013 Strictly Butter

Playlist Tracks: 
Alan Johnson - No Prisoners (Alan Johnson Mix)
Album: Unknown; Label: Unknown
Stathis Lazarides - Stepping Up 2- Vid
Album: Stepping Up EP; Label: Memoria Records
IDK & Esc0 - Outline
Album: Outline EP; Label: Sakadat Records
Chazzy Chaz - Daddy Nees A Key
Album: Imun To The Keys EP; Label: Tzinah Records
Chazzy Chaz - Ertinken Traum (Kirik Remix)
Album: Ertinken Traum EP; Label: Tzinah Records
Bastian Lehnert - Traces Of Nuts
Album: Traces Of Nuts EP; Label: Deel Tech Records
Prudo, Nibiru - Time To Go Back (Audiofly Remix)
Album: Time To Go Back EP; Label: This And That
Julie Marghilano - In My Skin
Album: Tzinah Anul Trei Vol.1 ; Label: Tzinah Records
Alex Kravitz - Domino
Album: Tzinah Anul Trei Vol.1 ; Label: Tzinah Records
Baraso - Bliss Theory
Album: Tzinah Anul Trei Vol.2; Label: Tzinah Records
Andrea Oliva - Manatial
Album: Backstage EP; Label: Memoria Records
Untold - Glare
Album: Targa/Glare EP; Label: 50 Weapons
Claudio PRC - Nur
Album: L Synthesis EP; Label: Prologue
Jose Pouj - Occipital (Reeko Remix)
Album: Occipital Fragment EP; Label: Injected Poison Records
Ajtim - Notime (Mike Parker Remix)
Album: Faynot EP; Label: Ensydaen Records
Pfirter - New State Of Consciousness
Album: New State Of Consciousness EP; Label: MindTrip
Anthony Parasole - My Diary
Album: Off The Grid EP; Label: Marcel Dettmann Records
Recondite - Cleric
Album: Ec10 EP; Label: Dystopian Records
DeepBass, Ness - Chemtrails (Smell The Conspiracy) Giorgio Gigli Variation
Album: Conspiracy EP; Label: Dynamic Reflection
LAS - Witch Doctor
Album: Uuha EP; Label: Innamind Recordings
Air Date: 
September 22, 2013

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