9/20/2013 Voice Cried Softly

Playlist Tracks: 
BAD RELIGION - Yesterdays
Album: (Back to the Known); Label: Epitaph 1985
OPAL - Siamese Trap
Album: (Happy Nightmare Baby); Label: SST 1987
CUL DE SAC - Abandoned Hospital
Album: (I Don't Want to Go to Bed); Label: Flying Nun c1993
ASBESTOS - Destroy Control Destroy System
Album: (To the Memory of the War Victim); Label: Tribal War Asia 1989
WIPERS - No One Wants an Alien
Album: (Over the Edge); Label: Brain Eater 1983
DOG FACED HERMANS - Incineration
Album: (Humans Fly); Label: Konkurrent 1987
MUDHONEY - Let It Slide
Album: (Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge); Label: Sub Pop 1991
THE DEAD MILKMEN - Violent School
Album: (Big Lizard in My Backyard); Label: Restless 1985
ZAPRUDER'S SLUNGSHOT - The Sum of Tiny Things
Album: [untitled]; Label: unreleased 1997
LUCID NATION - This Is For All the Nights You Sent Me Home to an Empty House Full of People
Album: (American Stonehenge); Label: Brain Floss 1998
GANGER - Cats, Dogs and Babies' Jaws
Album: (Hammock Style); Label: Domino 1998
Album: (Daydream Nation); Label: Enigma 1988
THE FALL - Cruisers Creek
Album: (The Nation's Saving Grace); Label: Beggars Banquet 1985
RUINS - October
Album: (Stonehenge); Label: Shimmy Disc 1990
SHELLAC - Didn't We Deserve a Look At You the Way You Really Are
Album: (Terraform); Label: Touch and Go 1998
THE RAPTURE - AlieNation
Album: (Mirror); Label: Gravity 1998
LORELEI - The Bitter Air
Album: [7"]; Label: Slumberland 1991
Album: (self); Label: Inner Mystique 1982
Air Date: 
September 20, 2013

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