9/17/2013 Rollin' and Tumblin'

Playlist Tracks: 
Jelly Roll Kings - Fat Back
Album: Off Yonder Wall; Label: Fat Possum
Jesse Mae Hemphill - Go Back To Your Ustabe
Album: Feelin' Good; Label: High Water
Little Diamonds - 12-12-12
Album: New Orleans Bound; Label: (Independent)
Bonnie Raitt - Mighty Tight Woman
Album: Bonnie Raitt; Label: Warner Bros.
Ruth Brown/Bonnie Raitt - Move To The Outskirts of Town
Album: R + B = Ruth Brown; Label: Bullseye
Darrell Nulisch - At-Cha-Mama-Nims
Album: The Whole Truth; Label: Severn
Sonny Rodgers - Five Long Years
Album: They Call Me The Cat Daddy; Label: Blue Loon
RJ Mischo - Satisfied
Album: Rough & Tough; Label: Cross Cut
Big George Jackson - Lookin' To Steal Somebody
Album: Beggin' Ain't For Me; Label: Black & Tan
Karen Carroll - Vicksburg Blues
Album: Had My Fun; Label: Delmark
Back Porch Blues Band - Black Cat Blues
Album: Back To Basics; Label: Burnside
Big Time Sarah - Woke Up This Morning
Album: Blues in the Year One-D-One; Label: Delmark
Bruce McCabe - McCabe's 88s
Album: Ready To Go; Label: Blue Loon
Demetria Taylor - Little Red Rooster
Album: Bad Girl; Label: Delmark
Valerie Wellington - Voodoo Blues
Album: Million Dollar Secret; Label: Rooster
Shun Kikuta - Muddy's Home
Album: Heart & Soul; Label: Blue Sox
Air Date: 
September 17, 2013

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