9/11/2013 Art Matters


An interview with Pete Driessen, founder of TuckUnder Projects,  and artist Jehra Patrick about the latest group show called "If We Could" curated by Christina Chang, featuring six artists who were invited to create art based on a daydream they've had at work (all work in visual arts institutions). Other artists featured include: Abbi A. Allan, Susan Brown, Kyle Johanson, Jehra Patrick, Ben Reed, & Joel Schwarz.

Also, an interview with John Schuerman, who recently opened Instinct Gallery with the show, "Remnants and Curiosities of the Natural World," which features the art of Moira Bateman, Jantje Visscher, David Aschenbrener, Lynn Speaker, Tim Nimmo, Steve Ozone and John Schuerman. This multimedia exhibition is designed to bring nature back into the conversations of contemporary art.

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September 11, 2013