12/20/2007 Fresh Fruit


*Sally Ann Wright and Fred Wagner*,actors, founders of
ARTisphere Theatre:http://artispheretheatre.com

“Looking for Normal” by Jane Anderson

*Twin Cities Premiere*
Theatre Garage January 11th through February 3

“Looking for Normal,” is a funny and poignant comedy that asks the question, “What is the definition of a family?” The setting is a small town in Ohio. Roy and Irma have been married for 25 years, they have one grown son and a teenage daughter. Roy admits that he was born in the wrong body and is a woman, something he has known all his life. He makes the decision to have gender re-assignment surgery. The play explores what happens to Roy and Irma, their extended family, friends and the whole community as a result of Roy’s bold choice. Fred Wagner and Sally Wright (real life husband and wife) will be playing Irma Roy.

Debra Davis, the Executive Director of the Gender Education Center:http://www.debradavis.org, is a consultant for Normal. Debra will be playing a role as well as leading talk-backs throughout the run of the show.

*Anna Lee*, Utherverse:http://redlight.com Director of Virtual Marriages

GLBT marriage in a virtual environment for adults that facilitates and encourages people to interact in a more sophisticated manner over the Internet.

*Damon Intrabartolo*, composer, co-author

“Bare”, the story of two high school seniors, Peter Jason, in a catholic school who are in love, their relationship with other students and the unfortunate suicide of one of them.

Book by Jon Hartmere Damon Intrabartolo
Music by Damon Intrabartolo
Lyrics by Jon Hartmere

The full 3-disc set of Bare:http://barethealbum.com will be available for purchase October 30, 2007. A portion of the album profits will benefit The Trevor Project:http://www.thetrevorproject.org a 24 hour Helpline for youth in crisis to help prevent LGBTQI youth suicide

Playlist Tracks: 
*Ellis - How Would It Be
Album: *Break the Spell (New Release); Label: Rubberneck Records
Isle of Klezbos - Goldene Khasene (Golden Wedding)
Album: Greetings from the Isle of Klezbos; Label: Media Records/Metropolitan Klezmer
*Matt Doyle as Peter, James Snyder as Jason - Best Kept Secret
Album: *Bare (New Release) - Damon Intrabartolo, music Jon Hartmere, lyrics; Label: You Pay Now Music
*Matt Doyle as Peter, James Snyder as Jason - Bare
Album: *Bare (New Release) - Damon Intrabartolo, music Jon Hartmere, lyrics; Label: You Pay Now Music
Josephine Baker - I’ve Got You Under My Skin – Cole Porter
Album: Black Pearl; Label: American Legends
John Trones - It Wouldn’t Be Christmas Without You
Album: Joy; Label: Metropolis Music