9/6/2013 Voice Cried Softly

Playlist Tracks: 
NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL - You've Passed/Someone Is Waiting
Album: (On Avery Island); Label: Merge 1995
LOOP - Circle Grave
Album: (Black Sun [12" single]); Label: Chapter 22 1988
LONG FIN KILLIE - Unconscious Gangs of Men
Album: (Houdini); Label: Too Pure 1995
SLINT - Nan Ding
Album: (Tweez); Label: Jennifer Hartman Records and Tapes 1989
SLUB - Seething Kraut
Album: (Roottmann); Label: Doctor Jim's 1989
Album: (Split Series 11/12); Label: FatCat 1999
18TH DYE - Poolhouse Blue
Album: (Tribute to a Bus); Label: Matador 1995
SUN CITY GIRLS - 100 Pounds of Black Olives
Album: (You're Never Alone with a Cigarette); Label: Abduction 1988
THE DEAD C - Phantom Power
Album: (Eusa Kills); Label: Xpressway 1989
MONOSHOCK - International--Hello
Album: (Walk to the Fire); Label: BlackJack 1995
WIPERS - Can This Be
Album: (Youth of America); Label: Gift of Life 1981
LES THUGS - I Love You So
Album: (International Anti-Boredom Front); Label: Alternative Tentacles 1991
DUSTDEVILS - Neck Surfing
Album: (Struggling Electric & Chemical); Label: Matador 1990
RUINS - Holebones
Album: (Stonehenge); Label: Shimmy-Disc 1990
Album: (Humans Fly/Every Day Timebomb); Label: Konkurrel 1988
SEBADOH - Violet Execution
Album: (III); Label: Homestead 1991
ROYAL TRUX - Chances Are the Comets In Our Future
Album: (Twin Infinitives); Label: Drag City 1990
MY DAD IS DEAD - When Elephants Fight, The Grass Gets Trampled
Album: (The Best Defense); Label: Homestead 1988
Air Date: 
September 6, 2013

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