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Johnny Cash: Live at San Quentin from Joyride Media
It took Johnny Cash 12 years to record one of his live prison shows and it wasn't easy. He was threatened against doing it and warned it would ruin his career. Regardless, he followed his instincts and took the stage at Folsom Prison in '68. A year later he followed it up with "Johnny Cash at San Quentin" - which became his first #1 album on the pop charts. In our special hour-long episode, we'll explore how the show came about, went down, and the wake it left behind. You'll hear both unreleased tracks and Cash nearly starting a riot in a room full of very bad men. The program features interviews with the album's producer, Bob Johnston with bassist Marshall Grant about the excitement and fear of the concert. We'll also hear from prisoners, guards, and reporters Anthony DeCurtis and Jim Marshall, the photographer of the famous "Johnny flipping the bird at San Quentin" photo.

This was an hour-long presentation. Only the first half hour will be available in the archives here; to hear the second half visit the Art Matters show page.

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August 21, 2013

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