8/18/2013 Voices Of Ethiopia

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Yohannes Zerihun - Author, Director
Topics: read short story about tradational Ethiopian holyday celebration.
Ahmed Wassie - Host of Voice Of Ethiopia program
Topics: interview by Atnafu Yeshedegna about the service and thanks award Igot from ethiopian community members also congradulation to me about the 30 years service award I recived from KFAI .ORG RADIO Managment.
Mr Yehes - writer and community leader
Topics: he read a pom prasing KFAI radio and thanking the programers for their service especialy Ahmed Wassie, Sewit woulde giorgis.and atnafu Yeshedegna.
Varity of Guests -
Topics: hot topic disscusion about Blue Nile{Abay) construction in Ethiopia.
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August 18, 2013

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