8/16/2013 The Minnesota Sound

Playlist Tracks: 
Southside Desire - Casuality of Love
Album: Split 7" w/Black Diet; Label: Pinata
Mark Mallman - So Much For Hollywood Endings
Album: Double Silhouette; Label: s/r
F-Knights - F.M. Eyes
Album: The Recorded by Gary Burger EP; Label: Crustacean
Malamanya - Cuidado De Olvidar
Album: EP II; Label: s/r
Falcon Arrow - Wesl
Album: Axehandle Hound; Label: s/r
Kill to Kill - Radical Flyer
Album: Fighter; Label: Guilt Ridden Pop
The Dropsteppers - Suzy's got It Wrong
Album: Get Up In It!; Label: Megalith
Detroit - Skyboy
Album: A Brand New Testament; Label: s/r
Dark Dark Dark - The Great Mistake
Album: Who Needs Who; Label: Supply and Demand
Velvet Davenport - Mrs. D
Album: Warmy Girls; Label: Moonglyph
Flavor Crystals - Poolja
Album: On Plasstic; Label: MPLS LTD
The Flamin' Oh's (feat. Curtis A) - Everyday
Album: Live at Moby Dick's; Label: Art Records
The Dig - I Love Love
Album: Complete Studio Recordings 1985-86; Label: Susstones
The Suburbs - Drinking
Album: In Combo; Label: Twin Tone
Grant Hart - Fanfare in D Major (come,come)
Album: Intolerance; Label: sst
Left as Is - Coda
Album: Burden of the Beat; Label: arlo Hennings
Nee Tumi - Boy Genius
Album: More Than Life Itself; Label: Bathos
David John Olson - Dervish
Album: A La Carte; Label: MN Composers Forum
Air Date: 
August 16, 2013

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