8/15/2013 Kinda Cloudy Radio


Lots of new music in the mix tonight, including pre-release tracks from Minneapolis's Black Market Brass and Derobe Dance Band. Also Bosq of the Whiskey Barons, Stones Throw's Dub Club Foundation Come Again compilation, and singles from Colemine Records & Names You Can Trust...

Playlist Tracks: 
INTRO THEME Bama & The Family - Feeling Good
Album: Single; Label: Truth & Soul
Alice Russell with Quantic & Combo Barbaro - I'd Try
Album: Look Around the Corner; Label: Tru Thoughts
Bosq feat Mendee Ichi - Never Feel Cold
Album: Bosq Y Orquesta De Madera; Label: Ubiquity
Chico Mann - Dilo Como Yo
Album: Manifest Tone EP; Label: Soundway
Greenwood Rhythm Coalition - Rise Up
Album: 10"; Label: Names You Can Trust
Black Market Brass - Big Muffler
Album: Single; Label: Secret Stash
Derobe Dance Band - Sam's Tune (Rough Cut)
Album: Single; Label: Secret Stash
Les Freres Smith - Sokosokool
Album: Contraband Mentality; Label: Comet
The Rugged Nuggets - Yo Todo Tu Yo
Album: 45; Label: Colemine
Fat Night - Things You Do
Album: 45; Label: Colemine
Liam Bailey - I'm Gonna Miss You
Album: 45; Label: Turth & Soul
Blundetto feat Hindi Zara - Voices
Album: Bad Bad Things; Label: Heavenly Sweetness
Dub Club feat Weldon Irie - Chant Down Babylon
Album: Dub Club: Foundation Come Again; Label: Stones Throw
Dub Club feat Kojak - Hear Me Now Star
Album: Dub Club: Foundation Come Again; Label: Stones Throw
Shinehead - Know How Fe Chat
Album: Rough & Rugged; Label: African Love
LascaMão - Rufar Dos Tamborins
Album: 45; Label: Names You Can Trust
Frente Cumbiero - Ika
Album: 45; Label: Names You Can Trust
Family Atlantica - Fly Through the Lightning to Speak to the Sun
Album: Family Atlantica; Label: Soundway
Quita Penas - Mas Tropicas
Album: 45; Label: White Iris
Karl Hector & The Malcouns feat Nicolas Tounga - Ngunga Yeti Fofa
Album: EP; Label: Now Again
Yesterday's New Quintet - The Mule
Album: Sound Directions: Funky Side of Life; Label: Stones Throw
Skeletons - Over The Bridge
Album: Smile; Label: Do Right
Mountain Mocha Kilamanjaro - Don't Touch, Just Look
Album: 10"; Label: Jazzman
Will Sessions feat Rickey Calloway - Jump Back pt 2
Album: 45; Label: Funk Night
Sureshot Symphony Solution feat Mighty Pope - Mr Fortune & Fame
Album: 45; Label: Sureshot
Charles Bradley - No Time For Dreaming
Album: 45; Label: Daptone
Air Date: 
August 15, 2013

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