8/9/2013 Jet Set Planet



{N} Artist's debut on the program
{R} Listener Request

The Johnny Gregory - Cannon
album: TV's Greatest Detective Hits; label: Mercury
101 Strings - Hey Girl
album: Songs Written by Carole King; label: Alshire
Dick Dia - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
album: TV Potpourri; label: AF
Lalo Schifrin - Stacey's Bolero
album: Sol Madrid; label: MGM
Lalo Schifrin - Turning Point
album: Black Widow; label: CTI
John Keating - I Feel The Earth Move
album: Space Experience; label: Columbia
Lalo Schifrin - Mannix
album: Mannix; label: Paramount
Quincy Jones - Rim Shot Heard 'Round the World
album: Sylvia; label: Mercury
Davie Allan - The Chase
album: The Wild Angels; label: Tower
The Sounds of Harley - The Hard Ride
album: Hard Ride; label: Paramount
Davie Allan - The Loser's Burial
album: The Wild Angels Vol 2; label: Tower
{N} Hubert Laws - The Chicago Theme
album: The Chicago Theme; label: CTI
{R} Ramsey Lewis - Everybody's Talkin'
album: the Piano Player; label: Cadet
{N} Dr. N. Guttman - Pitch Variations
album: Music from Mathematics Played by IBM 7090 Computer; label: Decca
The Electronic Concept Orchestra - Recuerdos
album: Cinemoog; label: Mercury
Sabu - Sorcery
album: Sorcery!; label: Columbia
Georges Garvarentz - Fight in the Circle
album: That Man in Istanbul; label: Harkit
Fred Miller - Black and Blues
album: The Sounds of Love A to Z; label: Yorkshire
Stu Phillips - Mahahbalipuram
album: Follow Me; label: UNI
Sven Gyldmark - Indian Bolero
album: I, a Woman Part II; label: MGM
Les Baxter - Procession of the Princes
album: The Sacred Idol; label: Capitol
{R} Milt Rogers - Baia
album: The Ulitmate in Percussion; label: DOT
Martin Denny - Narcissus Queen
album: Forbidden Island; label: Liberty
Claudine - Pussywillows Cat-tails
album: Colours; label: AM
Dominic Frontiere - House of Pleasure
album: Pagan Festival; label: Collectibles
Kai Warner - Sweet City Woman
album: Poppa Joe's Party; label: Polydor

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August 9, 2013

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