8/3/2013 Temposphere

Playlist Tracks: 
Clams Casino - Natural
Album: Rainforest; Label: Tri Angle
Pavel Dovgal - Solar Midnight
Album: Cassiopeia; Label: Project: Mooncircle
Sombear - Incredibly Still
Album: 7"; Label: Trans
Kavinsky - Odd Look
Album: OutRun; Label: Record Makers
Karma - Beach Towel
Album: 12"; Label: Beach Towel (I:Cube Cosmix Marathon Remix)
Herbert - The Audience
Album: 12"; Label: Studio !K7
Télépopmusik - Love Can Damage Your Health
Album: 12"; Label: Chrysalis
Walls - Drunken Galleon (John Tejada Mix)
Album: 12"; Label: Drunken Galleon (John Tejada Mix)
Bogdan Irkük a.k.a. Bulgari - The Distant Message (Arken Remix)
Album: The Distant EP; Label: Rollerboys Recordings
Wave Machines - Keep The Lights On
Album: Wave If You're Really There; Label: Neapolitan Recordings
AM & Shawn Lee - Dark Into Light
Album: Celestial Electric; Label: Eighteenth Street Lounge Music ‎
Twin Shadow - Golden Light
Album: Confess; Label: 4AD
Röyksopp - Happy Up Here
Album: Junior; Label: Wall of Sound
Sporto Kantes - Impressed
Album: 2nd Round; Label: Catalogue
Blue States - Stereo 99
Album: Nothing Changes Under The Sun; Label: Eighteenth Street Lounge Music
Boards Of Canada - Telephasic Workshop
Album: Music Has The Right To Children; Label: Warp Records
Only Child - When 6 Love 9
Album: Satellites & Constellations; Label: Grand Central Records
Frank Eddie - Let Me Be The One You Call On
Album: Let's Be Frank; Label: Impotent Fury
Champion - The Plow
Album: Chill'Em All; Label: Saboteur
Air Date: 
August 3, 2013