7/30/2013 Spin with Cyn

Playlist Tracks: 
Suicide Commandos - Complicated Fun
Album: Suicide Commandos Commit Suicide Dance Concert; Label: Twin Tone
Hastings 3000 - One Person Nation
Album: A New Monster; Label: Bare Ass Records
Prince - Let's Work
Album: Controversy; Label: Warner Bros.
The Sex Rays - Back Door Slam
Album: The Sex Rays; Label: Bare Ass Records
Speed's the Name - Bones
Album: No Planets Exist; Label: s.r.
The Goondas - Penthouse Suite
Album: Dog Show; Label: s..r
The Blind Shake - Man Leaves House
Album: Seriousness; Label: Learning Curve Records
Dungen - Highway Wolf
Album: single 7"; Label: Third Man
Interpol - Specialist B-Side
Album: Turn On the Bright Lights B-sides; Label: Matador
Poor Moon - Anyplace
Album: Illusion; Label: Sub Pop
The Life and Times - Day Nine
Album: No One Loves You Like I Do; Label: Slimstyle
Led Zeppelin - What Is and Never Should Be
Album: Led Zeppelin II; Label: Atlantic
Savages - I Am Here
Album: Silence Yourself; Label: Matador Records
The Men - Supermoon
Album: New Moon; Label: Sacred Bones
Buildings - Invocation
Album: Melt Cry Sleep; Label: DoublePlusGood
Chelsea Light Moving - Burroughs
Album: Chelsea Light Moving; Label: Matador Records
The Beatles - You Never Give Me Your Money
Album: Abbey Road; Label: EMI
Jesus Lizard - Gladiator
Album: Liar; Label: Touch and Go Records
bloodnstuff - Give Me a Call
Album: bloodnstuff; Label: s.r.
Pygmie Shrews - You Can All Go Straight to Hell
Album: ; Label:
Fugazi - Last Chance for a Slow Dance
Album: In on the Kill Taker; Label: Dischord
Multicult - Stop Calling
Album: Spaces Tangled; Label: Sleeping Giant Glossolalia
METZ - Dirty Shirt
Album: single 7" ; Label: Sub Pop
Air Date: 
July 30, 2013