7/26/2013 Jet Set Planet


Episode #416 - If I told you I spent the afternoon at a Stoned Soul Picnic with the Man with the Harmonica, and I road the Rollercoaster before meeting up with Captain Bacardi at the Namkok.  What would you think?  Would you think I was talking about a fun rainy afternoon of playing LPs on the big stereo console in my parent’s basement?  Or would you imagine a drug addled carny man in a white panel van, half-bald, missing some teeth and  listening to Lover Boy on his 8-track player?  Hard to be sure, isn’t it.  Well let me tell you this.  I’ve got something to say, important, right here in front of the whole world to hear:  this playlist is not terrible. 


{N} = Artist's debut on the Program

Playlist Tracks: 
Hollyridege Strings - Return to Sender
Album: Play Instrumental Hits Made Famous by Elvis Presley; Label: Capitol
Ted Heath - the Work Song
Album: Pow!; Label: Phase 4
Johnny Keating - Breaking into the Mail Van
Album: Robbery; Label: London
George Dunning - At the Namkok
Album: The World of Suzie Wong; Label: RCA
Godfrey Hirsch - Born Free
Album: Happiness Is…; Label: Coral
Hildegard Knef - … und der Mann Mit der Harmonika
Album: Portrait in Musik; Label: Telefunken
{N} Shep Fields - Mist on the Moon
Album: Spotlight on Shep Fields and Paul Lavalle; Label: Tiara
Addy Flor - Bossa Favola
Album: Stereo Explosion; Label: BASF
The Mike Sammes Singers - Here's to the Losers
Album: Sounds Sensational; Label: Studio 2
Sven Gyldmark - Beguine Erotic
Album: I, A Woman Part II; Label: MGM
Jerry Goldsmith - Boarder Crossing
Album: The Last Run; Label: MGM
Les Reed - Carlo's Theme
Album: New Dimensions; Label: Deram
Nelson Riddle - Stoned Soul Picnic
Album: Contemporary Sound of; Label: UA
Joe Pass - Are You There
Album: A Sign of the times; Label: WP
Bob Crewe - Let Me Touch You
Album: Let Me touch You; Label: Bell
Frank Hubbell and the Stompers - Flowers on the Wall
Album: Penny Candy and Other Treats; Label: ATCO
Lalo Schifrin - Rollercoaster
Album: Rollercoaster; Label: MCA
Peter Nero - Make It With You
Album: Summer of '42; Label: Columbia
Laurindo Almeida - Secret Love
Album: A Man and a Woman; Label: Capitol
Hollywood Studio Orch. - The Impossible Love
Album: Main Theme from Hawaii; Label: Wyncote
Antonio Carlos Jobim - Captain Bacardi
Album: Wave; Label: AM/CTI
Wyncote All-Stars - Hackett Funeral and Fight
Album: Main Theme from Hawaii; Label: Wyncote
Jerry Sun - Desafenado
Album: The Exotic Sounds of Jerry Sun; Label: Bachuss
John Barry - A Tanaka's World
Album: You Only Live Twice; Label: UA
Fausto Papetti - Splesch
Album: 17'; Label: Duram
Air Date: 
July 26, 2013

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