7/24/2013 The Morning Blend


News Host: Sagirah Shahid, Hannah Rank

Producer:  Mike Fischbein

Engineer:  Mike Stapp 

Playlist Tracks: 
Manhattan Transfer - Four Brothers
Album: Best of Manhattan Transfer; Label: Rhino
Darlene Love - Fine Fine Boy
Album: Best of Darlene Love; Label: Abcko
Margaret Whiting - Move to the Outskirts of Town
Album: Collectors Edition; Label: Collectables
Manhattan Transfer - Boy From NYC
Album: Best of Manhattan Transfer; Label: Rhino
Kay Starr - Ghost Riders in the Sky
Album: 45 RPM; Label: Capitol
Kay Starr - Night Train
Album: 45 RPM; Label: Capitol
Joe "Fingers" Carr - Ventura Blvd. Boogie
Album: 78 RPM; Label: Capitol
Tramps - Midnight Flyer
Album: West Coast Sock Hop; Label: Empire
Dale Hawkins - Superman
Album: R&R Tornado; Label: Ace
Satintones - Motor City
Album: Satintones Sing; Label: Ace
Frank Sinatra - Come Fly with Me
Album: Come Fly with Me; Label: Capitol
Britt Aamodt - Comic Mom
Topics: Interview Comic Book Artist
Will Wright - Islam Week
Topics: Islam Week at U of M
Britt Aamodt - Maple Syruping
Topics: Maple Syrup
Todd Melby - Who is that Masked Stranger?
Topics: Mexican wrestling
Danny Sigelman - Musician Paul Metzger
Topics: Interview Paul Metzger
Libby Donohue - Venetian Carousel
Topics: Venetian Carousel at Maplewood Mall
Steve McEllistrom - Dean Koontz
Topics: Interview with Author Dean Koontz
Mary Turck - Mary Turck Interview
Topics: Twin Cities Daily Planet