7/17/2013 The Morning Blend


Music Host: David Cummings

News Host: Sagirah Shahid / Hannah Rank

Producer:  Mike Fischbein

Engineer:  Mike Stapp 

Playlist Tracks: 
Ella Fitzgerald - Summertime
Album: Mack the Knife; Label: Verve
Ella Fitzgerald - Too Darn Hot
Album: Mack the Knife; Label: Verve
Bing Crosby - Heatwave
Album: 78 RPM; Label: Decca
Richard Barrett - Summer Love
Album: Gone Records; Label: West Side
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - It's Only Makebelieve
Album: Alligator Wine; Label: Music Club
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Boots & Saddles
Album: Cowfingers and Mosquito Pie; Label: Epic
Dion & the Belmonts - I Wonder Why
Album: Best of Dion & The Belmonts; Label: EMI
Dion & the Belmonts - Teen Angel
Album: 45 RPM ; Label: Laurie
The Three Riffs - I'm Hot
Album: 78 RPM; Label: Decca
Gale Garnett - We'll Sing in the Sunshine
Album: 45 RPM ; Label: RCA
Roy Brown - Let the Four Winds Blow
Album: Crescent City Soul; Label: EMI
Flamingos - Jump Children
Album: Golden Teardrops; Label: Chance
Ryan Dawes - Dan Cohen Interview
Topics: Minneapolis Mayoral Candidates
Emily Wharton - Blind Inc. Interview
Topics: Braille Reading
Sagirah Shahid - Soap Factory / Resonating Bodies
Topics: Multi-Artist Exhibits
Mary Turck - Mary Turck Interview
Topics: Twin Cities Daily Planet