7/7/2013 Root Of All Evil

Playlist Tracks: 
Bronx Casket Co. - Free Bird
Album: Hellectric; Label: Massacre Records
Helloween - Find My Freedom
Album: As Long as I Fall; Label: Victor Entertainment
Blue Oyster Cult - Black Blade
Album: Cultosaurus Erectus; Label: Sbme Special Mkts.
Judas Priest - The Hellion / Electric Eye
Album: Screaming for Vengeance; Label: Columbia Records
Death Dealer - Judge, Jury and Executioner
Album: War Master; Label: Self-released/independent
The Monolith Deathcult - SADM
Album: Tetragrammaton; Label: Season of Mist
Kreator - Phobia
Album: Outcast; Label: GUN Records
Exarsis - Surveillance Society
Album: The Brutal State; Label: MDD
Conditional Critical - Sector 16
Album: Operational Hazard; Label: Burned by God Records
Sodom - S.O.D.O.M.
Album: Epitome of Torture; Label: Steamhammer
Artillery - Sandbox Philosphy
Album: When Death Comes; Label: Metal Mind Productions
Hatchet - Vanishing Point
Album: Dawn Of The End; Label: The End Records
Onslaught - Power From Hell/Angels Of Death (live)
Album: Let there Be Rock; Label: Under One Flag
Savagery - M-60
Album: Hard Merchandise; Label: Self-released/independent
Legacy - Evil Will Return
Album: Full Scale Invasion; Label: Evil Invader
The Terrordactyls - Punch The Clock
Album: Land Of The Moshed; Label: World Won't Listen, Binary Sound
T.C.F. - Slave Of The Suit
Album: Where Madness Reigns; Label: Malevolence Records
Crisix - Scars Of The Wolf
Album: Rise…Then Rest; Label: Fire Warning
Vulcano - No Mercy For Fucking Traitors
Album: The Man The Key The Beast; Label: Renegados Records
Gama bomb - Final Fight
Album: Citizen Brain; Label: Earache Records
Hatchery - Under One Flag
Album: Forced To Fight; Label: Self-released/independent
Reactory - Total Destruction
Album: Killed By Thrash; Label: Slaney Records
Thrashist Regime - Vermin
Album: Fearful Symmetry; Label: Fat Hippy
Thrash Or Die - The Return Of The Thrash Lord
Album: Poser Holocaust; Label: Empingao Records
Destruction - Total Disaster
Album: Thrash Anthems; Label: AFM Records
Noisem - Agony Defined
Album: Agony Defined; Label: A389 Recordings
Power Trip - Conditioned To Death
Album: Manifest Decimation; Label: Southern Lord
Hypocrisy - They Lie
Album: Party.San Metal Open Air - Hell Is Here-Sampler; Label: Self-released/independent
Perpetual Warfare - The Age Of War
Album: The Age Of War; Label: Self-released/independent
Coroner - Suicide Command
Album: R.I.P.; Label: Noise Records
Execution - Execution
Album: Perversions And Blasphemy; Label: Metalhit.com
Sarcofago - Deathrash
Album: I.N.R.I.; Label: Cogumelo Records
Warbringer - At the Crack Of Doom
Album: War Without End; Label: Century Media Records
Speed Kill Hate - Won't See the Fear
Album: Acts of Insanity; Label: SKH
Rusted Brain - Waiting for Death
Album: High Voltage Thrash; Label: Slaney Records
Dethklok - Birthday Dethday
Album: The Dethalbum; Label: Williams Street
Carcass - Captive Bolt Pistol
Album: Party.San Metal Open Air - Hell Is Here-Sampler; Label: Self-released/independent
Taintstick - Balls
Album: Six Pounds Of Sound; Label: Suburban Noize
Tenacious D - Beezleboss (The Final Showdown)
Album: The Pick Of Destiny; Label: Sony
Agony Column - Fiendish Plots
Album: God, Guns and Guts; Label: Big Chief
Cliteater - Positive Aspects of Collective Chaos
Album: Cliteaten Back To Life; Label: War Anthem Records
Atomck - Midget Death Riddle
Album: Never Work; Label: Self-released/independent
Moth-Eaten Deer Head - Don't Breath, Your Wasting Oxygen
Album: I Deal In Death; Label: Self-released/independent
Autopsy - Running From the Goathead
Album: The Headless Ritual; Label: Peaceville Records
Pestilence - Out Of This Body
Album: Consuming Impulse; Label: R/C Records
Widower - Total Fucking Domination
Album: Goat Throne; Label: Self-released/independent
Strychnia - Killdozer
Album: Reanimated Monstrosity; Label: Self-released/independent
Death Courier - Mindwarp
Album: Perimortem; Label: Self-released/independent
Cognizance - Epistemology
Album: Inquisition; Label: Unsigned/independent
Ayin - Bigotry
Album: Ordo Ab Chao; Label: Self-released/independent
Dargonomel - From The Void This Is Beyond
Album: Varkulama; Label: More Hate Productions
Impiety - Commanding Death & Destroy
Album: The Impious Crusade; Label: Hells Headbangers Records
Necrosis - Postal
Album: Stills Of Existence; Label: Self-released/independent
Crudel - Federal Execution
Album: Groan And Suffer; Label: Self-released/independent
Malevolant Creation - Malevolant Creation
Album: The Ten Commandments; Label: R/C Records
Mumakil - War Therapist
Album: Flies Will Starve; Label: Relapse Records
Inhumate - We are Inhumate
Album: Expulsed; Label: Grind Your Soul
Deformed Elephant Surgery - Cadaveric Discharge of Teratogenic Spores
Album: The Shambles; Label: Self-released/independent
Quest Of Aidance - Yield
Album: Fallen Man Collection; Label: Pulverised Records
Skeletal Spectre - Black Augury Hollow
Album: Voodoo Dawn; Label: Pulverised Records
Vorum - Thriving Darkness
Album: Poisoned Void; Label: Woodcut Records
FaithXtractor - The Great Shadow Infiltrator
Album: The Great Shadow Infiltrator; Label: Deathgasm Records
Darkthrone - Summer Of The Diabolical Holocaust
Album: Under A Funeral Moon; Label: Peaceville Records
Warheim - Storm
Album: Storm; Label: Self-released/independent
Amon Amarth - Blood Eagle
Album: Deceiver Of The Gods; Label: Metal Blade Records
Sacrilegious Impalement - Scars for Scarred Ones
Album: III - Lux Infera; Label: Woodcut Records
Diabolical - Into Oblivion
Album: Neogenesis; Label: Abyss Records
Excelsis - Brothers Of War
Album: Vo Chrieger u Drache; Label: Non Stop Music Records
Probot - Centuries Of Sin (Featuring Cronos)
Album: Probot; Label: Southern Lord
Amorphis - Enchanted By The Moon
Album: Circle; Label: Nuclear Blast
Extol - Betrayal
Album: Extol; Label: Indie Recordings
Air Date: 
July 7, 2013

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