7/3/2013 Freewheelin'


Hey Baby, it's the 4th of July.  Tea from L'Assassins stoped by the show in the first hour with a copy of their new, out of sequence yet very cool CD.  In the second hour, Cadillac Kolstad and Johann Swenson came in shoving a piano down the hallway and hauling a drum kit under their arms.  We invited them in for some music and fun.  Lots of other recorded tunes plus, as always around the 4th of July, a couple versions of Dave Alvin's "Fourth of July"; always by Dave and his bands. If you'd like to listen, simply click one of the two buttons to the right.  Thanks for listening, I hope you have a fun, happy, and safe 4th of July.  

Playlist Tracks: 
The picture to the right is of the Fabulous Ginn Sisters. And yes they are and multiple levels. Cool ladies make great music; sometimes with Fred Eaglesmith. -
Album: ; Label:
THEME SONG: Dave Alvin (2000) - Walk Right In
Album: Public Domain: Songs From the Wild Land; Label: Hightone
James Hunter (2013) - Gold Mine
Album: Minute By Minute; Label: Fantacy
Los Lobos (2002) - Done Gone Blue
Album: Good Morning Aztlan; Label: Mammoth
Fabulous Ginn Sisters (2010) - Redhead Rose
Album: You Can't Take A Bad Girl Home; Label: Lonesome Day Records
Randy Weeks (2006) - Transistor Radio
Album: Sugarfinger; Label: randy weeks dot com
Bruce Springsteen (1980) - Independence Day
Album: The River; Label: Columbia
Dave Alvin (1994) - Fourth of July
Album: King of California; Label: Hightone
TEA from L'ASSASSINS stopped in for a visit. They have a cool show at Lee's on July 6 - "Mondo-Tiki-A-Go-Go" -
Album: ; Label:
L'Assassins (2013) - Watch OUt
Album: Lovin' On The Run; Label: Big Action
L'Assassins (2013) - Stop Loving Me
Album: Lovin' On The Run; Label: Big Action
L'Assassins (2013) - Blue Voodoo
Album: Lovin' On The Run; Label: Big Action
L'Assassins (2013) - Gum Chewing Dame
Album: Lovin' On The Run; Label: Big Action
Skeets McDonald (1958) - You Ought To See Grandma Rock
Album: Going Steady With The Blues; Label: Righteous
Billy Adams (1959) - You Gotta Have A Ducktail
Album: 45; Label: Nau-Voo
Front Porch Swingin' Liquor Pigs (2001) - Ugly & Slouchy
Album: Forget Your Truffles & Dance; Label: Narnia
Front Porch Swingin' Liquor Pigs (2002) - If Only You Were Lonely
Album: Forget Your Truffles & Dance; Label: Narnia
John Platania, Kendel Carson, & Chip Taylor (2013) - Sugar Sugaree
Album: Rock & Roll Joe: A Tribute to the Unsung Heroes of Rock n' Roll"; Label: Train Wreck
Steve Earle & The Dukes (& Dutchesses) (2013) - Down The Road Pt. ll
Album: The Low Highway; Label: New West
CADILLAC KOLSTAD and JOHANN SWENSON stopped by to chat and play some tunes for us. Always great to see Cadillac, one of the great talents who will carry the tourch of the West Bank spirit and then pass it along to future generations for all to enjoy.. -
Album: ; Label:
Cadillac Kolstad (2007) - Match Box
Album: Cadillac Kolstad & The Flats; Label: cadillac kolstad dot com
Cadillac & Kolstad played a few tune live in the studio…. -
Album: ; Label:
Dave Alvin & The Guilty Ones (2013) - Fourth of July
Album: Dave Alvin and the Guilty Ones: Live at the Ark in Ann Arbour, MI; Label: dave alvin dot net
Air Date: 
July 3, 2013

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